Why is the perfect score impossible?

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Why is the perfect score impossible?#crazyparking #crazyparking64 #impossible #filter


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    • How do I get this game i want this game

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    • I subbed to you btw

      @thefatrat5240@thefatrat524017 күн бұрын
    • And liked you comment pls tell me

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    • _💀_ ( I Think I Started A Chain)

      @Tushiya-yn4yx@Tushiya-yn4yx17 күн бұрын
    • ​@@thefatrat5240 bro comment he own comment bruh

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  • “Why is the perfect score impossible?” His score: 7534456272

    @Comrade_caterpillar472@Comrade_caterpillar47214 күн бұрын
    • Gegshshsjhshsnananhanac😮😅😂bzbzvzzvzmzvnxvxbbdhdhdkdnbsnsndnnfnfnbsbabsnnsna ❤😇😛🤑🤪🤗🤢🤮dhhsbxbzbzbdbx. X. Dd nsmsmmdmdbdbnfdbb

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    • Quit yapping

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    • ​@@HamyL4D2 he is spitting fax

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    • Bro showing random minecraft seed

      @Zarathos81@Zarathos8113 күн бұрын
  • “Why is the perfect score impossible?” *Enter Kevdog* “Is this what you’re struggling on?”

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      @rebeccaashcroft794@rebeccaashcroft7944 күн бұрын
    • why is evading taxes so hard?? *enter kevdog*

      @wowzreal@wowzreal3 күн бұрын
    • Insane very good score!)

      @LuciaGraciano-nd4ww@LuciaGraciano-nd4ww3 күн бұрын
    • Insanity

      @LuciaGraciano-nd4ww@LuciaGraciano-nd4ww3 күн бұрын
  • The video: 🫥😦 The Audio: 💀☠️

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  • Dont let kevdog see this Edit: I swear I'm gonna be 80 and people are still gonna be liking this comment.

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    • _💀_ (GUYS STOP MY NOTIFICATIONS) edit: i think i started a chain

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    • HOW DO YOU DO THAT💀💀​@@jasonhw0808

      @Moofnkeee_Music@Moofnkeee_Music18 күн бұрын
    • _💀_

      @gigachad140@gigachad14018 күн бұрын
    • Enter Kevdog

      @TYPHK@TYPHK18 күн бұрын
    • @@gigachad140 HOW DO YOU DO THAT

      @Moofnkeee_Music@Moofnkeee_Music18 күн бұрын
  • “This score is impossible!😭 His score: “7534456272💀💀”

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      @Kovelis@Kovelis13 күн бұрын
    • ​@@Kovelisagree

      @Mini-Alex@Mini-Alex13 күн бұрын
    • A girl and a boy?

      @user-xy6jl8fx4w@user-xy6jl8fx4w12 күн бұрын
    • Copied!

      @DarkXZN@DarkXZN10 күн бұрын
    • 😮😮😮😮

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  • he looks like he hadn’t blinked in 34 years.. Blink motherfroster!! ☠️☠️

    @Wankah@Wankah7 күн бұрын
  • You did amazing!!!! ❤❤

    @ButterNutt_DaKitty@ButterNutt_DaKitty6 күн бұрын
  • Epic score ✅️ Legendary score ✅️ CRAZY SCORE ✅️ PERFECT SCORE ?❌️

    @SBB_veno@SBB_veno16 күн бұрын
    • Оэцшг🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤒🤕😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔🤢😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

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    • 9999999999999999999999999😎😎😎😎👍👍👍👍

      @YannerisRodriguez-qu8li@YannerisRodriguez-qu8li16 күн бұрын
    • Y😢The only way I

      @shatricejohnson5834@shatricejohnson583416 күн бұрын
    • ​@@YannerisRodriguez-qu8liuh huh You can't Cuz im Eat your balls _💀_

      @fadlin1971@fadlin197116 күн бұрын
    • The only thing that’s not perfect is your grammar

      @JonathanYe-ij3hy@JonathanYe-ij3hy16 күн бұрын
  • People gonna accidentally land on the crazy score 85% most of the time because of how close it is to eachother💀

    @miawmiawgary2024@miawmiawgary202416 күн бұрын
    • Swefm

      @princesshannah7627@princesshannah762715 күн бұрын
    • ​@@princesshannah7627what do you mean 💀💀💀

      @Belutubefans709@Belutubefans70915 күн бұрын
    • @@princesshannah7627 Swefm Swabble!!😂😂

      @crackedmango@crackedmango15 күн бұрын
    • ​@@princesshannah7627 * A W K W A R D G R I N E M O J I *

      @bryt4726@bryt472615 күн бұрын
    • Hola 👋🏼

      @diegogabarri5181@diegogabarri518115 күн бұрын
  • "Ooh let me see the perfect score..." "iPhone may be too close"💀

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  • People who eat nukes for dinner ⏬️

    @yooo9304@yooo93046 күн бұрын
    • Me

      @anonymousperson2363@anonymousperson23633 күн бұрын
    • Like beggar decected 🧨 thows at @yooo9304

      @jaycobslearningadventure6178@jaycobslearningadventure61783 күн бұрын
    • I wish

      @raptorsdagoat@raptorsdagoat3 күн бұрын
    • 😂😂😂

      @karenperez1163@karenperez11633 күн бұрын
    • Mm delicious ☢️

      @TINARUTHBELCHER-iz8jc@TINARUTHBELCHER-iz8jc2 күн бұрын
  • Tutorial for crazy score: GET THE PHONE IN THE TROPHY

    @elizabetadjokic3753@elizabetadjokic375316 күн бұрын
    • Which game is this btw

  • Cocaine levels in this guy: 📈📈📈 Uh theres a _💀_ chain going on lol

    @PiX3LS_XD@PiX3LS_XD17 күн бұрын
    • So true😂

      @user-si2qm3xm1c@user-si2qm3xm1c14 күн бұрын
    • _💀_

      @breadcatisunavailable@breadcatisunavailable13 күн бұрын
    • _💀_

      @Whitesnake_C-moon_MADEIN-ch5jr@Whitesnake_C-moon_MADEIN-ch5jr9 күн бұрын
    • -💀-

      @Whitesnake_C-moon_MADEIN-ch5jr@Whitesnake_C-moon_MADEIN-ch5jr9 күн бұрын
    • Согласен

      @user-wn7sf2mz4t@user-wn7sf2mz4t8 күн бұрын
  • 1001 in game: 😆✊ 1001 in roblox:☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

    @el-gato-amarillo@el-gato-amarillo7 күн бұрын
  • If Michael from GTA did the same drugs as Trevor:

    @Jaden_Alvarez@Jaden_Alvarez8 күн бұрын
    • Yea

      @Ralsaiwithablunt1234@Ralsaiwithablunt12343 күн бұрын
  • Seems like he got the highest score achievable by a strong man like him. He's got whatever it takes to dominate this whole universe if he could.

    @mikeeferrer@mikeeferrer14 күн бұрын
    • Nope got infinte

      @KaiNO121@KaiNO12114 күн бұрын
    • No only Allah can rule the universe

      @WeScream@WeScream13 күн бұрын
    • @@WeScream im not a muslim but i respect your opinion i’m a christian

      @KaiNO121@KaiNO12113 күн бұрын
    • there is one score better then that which is the secret score and it gives ♾️ the only time I saw it was when he threw the phone is a trash can and the phone was standing

      @qaisaranwar7367@qaisaranwar736712 күн бұрын
    • Secret score has left the chat

      @zhanyar787@zhanyar7878 күн бұрын
  • Bro why tf does he look like a psycho💀💀💀

    @jacksonsauter218@jacksonsauter21816 күн бұрын
    • Idk why

      @AlexPostsYt@AlexPostsYt14 күн бұрын
    • You understand me 😂😂😂 I was about to say it 🧑🧑

      @user-dv1ps2xc6v@user-dv1ps2xc6v14 күн бұрын
    • That’s just the background of the game he is playing

      @The-python-guy@The-python-guy14 күн бұрын
    • 😂😂😂😂hhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiii

      @user-hl1nz5ud9y@user-hl1nz5ud9y13 күн бұрын
    • the

      @playerslayer42@playerslayer4213 күн бұрын
  • His face the whole time:😃🫨🫨🫨🫨🫨😃😃😃😃*earthquakes*

    @JoeyMadani@JoeyMadani7 күн бұрын
  • Bro has Elon musks money to buy a iPhone for every shot 😂😂

    @LeoKelly-yy4rp@LeoKelly-yy4rp4 күн бұрын
  • walter white gave some type of shit to this man💀

    @THERUSSIA84@THERUSSIA8411 күн бұрын
    • That's crazy💀

    • Nahhh💀💀💀

      @Da_chops@Da_chops6 күн бұрын
    • @@Da_chopsNahhhhh 💀💀💀

      @JustaKidwithADHD@JustaKidwithADHD5 күн бұрын
    • Don't use this emoji "💀", it's overused

      @kokiungu@kokiungu5 күн бұрын
    • @@kokiunguthat’s crazy 💀

      @ROmEoThEcAT.@ROmEoThEcAT.5 күн бұрын
  • I think the game wants you to have more points lol

    @monikanera@monikanera17 күн бұрын
  • Bros face about to explode 😂

    @Goatronaldo619@Goatronaldo6197 күн бұрын
  • Dumb Score: 85% chance Epic Score: 50% chance Legendary Score: 25% chance CRAZY Score: 5% chance Perfect Score: 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% chance

    @knowledgeablekaleb@knowledgeablekaleb7 күн бұрын
    • 85% and 50% 💀

      @Rockiestbearfrfr@Rockiestbearfrfr7 күн бұрын
    • Bro never learned math 💀

      @subtoselever@subtoselever7 күн бұрын
  • bro smoked something today 💀

    @arvildacoolest@arvildacoolest15 күн бұрын
  • Peoplw who breathe oxygen 👇 👁️👄👁️

    @mrxdc16@mrxdc1617 күн бұрын
    • People who have lifes and touch grass and actually breath oxygen unlike you who vapes wont like this comment

      @Kokomogd@Kokomogd16 күн бұрын
    • I have rabies

      @Gaming_23132x@Gaming_23132x16 күн бұрын
    • Nah i breathe trees

      @Planes_are_cool@Planes_are_cool16 күн бұрын

      @noorjahantaslima3138@noorjahantaslima313816 күн бұрын
    • Nah, I breathe dust.

      @Tortu5@Tortu516 күн бұрын
  • We getting in a straight jacket with this one 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🗣️🗣️🗣️💯💯

    @breadshovel@breadshovel6 күн бұрын
  • Al principio:🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑 Al final:☹️☹️☹️☹️

    @sandragonzalezalvarez5413@sandragonzalezalvarez5413Күн бұрын
  • جيش ابن الضلام مر من هنا 🖤🤍

    @user-if9fo5xx6f@user-if9fo5xx6f13 күн бұрын
    • جيش ابن الضلام مر من هنا🖤🤍

      @HussainTurabi-hd5pq@HussainTurabi-hd5pq10 күн бұрын
    • JJhfhxhxzhxjjf ❤❤❤❤❤❤😊😊😊😊😊jxhchxhxhfhfjfh jfhfhxhxhxb jfjfjxvxbxjryfgd

      @carlospoloco513@carlospoloco5136 күн бұрын
    • ​@@HussainTurabi-hd5pqbxbxbxbxb bz❤❤❤❤❤😊😊😊😊😊❤ kacjx

      @carlospoloco513@carlospoloco5136 күн бұрын
  • Who thought it was green screen adults👇

    @chrislester7316@chrislester731610 күн бұрын
    • where are you pointing little bro?

      @smilemations@smilemations6 күн бұрын
  • Bro looked like he uses Vape 💀💀💀💀

    @TatayGubat@TatayGubat6 күн бұрын
  • "Why is the perfect score impossible?" This guy:😃🤯😲😃😀😃

    @DacheFox8@DacheFox86 күн бұрын
  • *Task failed successfully.*

    @samthedev7000@samthedev700014 күн бұрын
  • The first one 1001 Roblox players:

    @E15-en1@E15-en118 күн бұрын
    • Hide and seek🎉

      @Alperenedit@Alperenedit17 күн бұрын
    • Who's in my house! Famous Roblox players last word

      @user-ko7no4ji2t@user-ko7no4ji2t17 күн бұрын
    • *💀*

      @johnpaultubice8904@johnpaultubice890417 күн бұрын
    • '💀'

      @johnpaultubice8904@johnpaultubice890417 күн бұрын
    • _🪖_

      @Ahmed_sayed122@Ahmed_sayed12217 күн бұрын
  • Bluddy looked like captain america I feel like this guy hadnt gotten sleep in 5 hours💀

    @BloxxersFruitsersYT@BloxxersFruitsersYT2 күн бұрын
  • "9 missed calls from Isaac newton" 💀

    @Wassfa00@Wassfa005 күн бұрын
  • Last score "370", Me: MH370💀💀💀💀

    @harrazdaniyal4912@harrazdaniyal491217 күн бұрын
    • Wwe

      @user-et6hb1em5q@user-et6hb1em5q17 күн бұрын
    • What does mh stand for

      @RandomCat621@RandomCat62117 күн бұрын
    • MAS370 was a flight to Beijing, China

      @BoomOverture@BoomOverture16 күн бұрын
    • 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😤

      @user-do9jt1rq8w@user-do9jt1rq8w16 күн бұрын
    • mh is a malaysia airline and 370 is the flight code

      @VNIQ0001@VNIQ000116 күн бұрын
  • 2012: Were gonna get flying car in the next 5 years 2024:

    @senyumkotak815@senyumkotak81518 күн бұрын
    • 12 year and we still doesnt get flying car

      @Duckonthebeach@Duckonthebeach18 күн бұрын
    • @@Duckonthebeach Yes but. There's a car is levitating (not flying) just like 5cm from the ground

      @senyumkotak815@senyumkotak81518 күн бұрын
    • We got flying phones

      @monybashar60@monybashar6018 күн бұрын
    • Bro😂😂😂😂😂

      @aldadarien5928@aldadarien592818 күн бұрын
    • O cara tá de hack mano ele pensa que engana nós lá no fundo tá preto e quando você vai jogar esse joguinho não fica preto tá a mesma cor dois chão que está jogando

      @GuilhermeGoncalves-op8tt@GuilhermeGoncalves-op8tt18 күн бұрын
  • People who respect him 🗿 👇

    @dusandzonic5093@dusandzonic5093Күн бұрын
  • Me: working hours on a video... This guy:

    @Vilke1118@Vilke111813 сағат бұрын
  • People who eat nuclear bombs 👇

    @jimmers6293@jimmers629316 күн бұрын
    • "💀"

      @tremainewaller6516@tremainewaller651616 күн бұрын
    • Strawberry Chocolate

      @ChaosGuyOriginal@ChaosGuyOriginal16 күн бұрын
    • Wait guys it’s a like beggar Lv.15 Class: B Personality: beg for like Hp:780 Attack:219 Def:450 Iq:120 Biq:230 Ability: begging blessing(passive) Type:boss

      @user-mr4dz8uv5p@user-mr4dz8uv5p15 күн бұрын
    • ​@@user-mr4dz8uv5p how to defeat It: Stop liking his comments

      @OHNO_CRINGE-hs5pu@OHNO_CRINGE-hs5pu15 күн бұрын
    • Oh how to defeat

      @user-mr4dz8uv5p@user-mr4dz8uv5p15 күн бұрын
  • People who know about error 1001 on roblox 👇

    @Thevoidofthesolarsystem@Thevoidofthesolarsystem18 күн бұрын
    • It used to scare children and it was made in 2012 but it was deleted in 2013

      @PomPom21345@PomPom2134518 күн бұрын
    • The video is not about error 1001

      @user-jb5ir6lr2b@user-jb5ir6lr2b18 күн бұрын
    • Ah yes a beggar

      @imaginary_technique_PURPLE@imaginary_technique_PURPLE17 күн бұрын
    • mf it’s a myth nowadays.

      @MistakeInTheDark@MistakeInTheDark17 күн бұрын
    • ​soo tuew

      @cluelessgamer9006@cluelessgamer900617 күн бұрын
  • Bro:Why Perfect so hard >:[ People with Slow hands:💀

    @AffectionateBuffalo-wo6yd@AffectionateBuffalo-wo6yd5 күн бұрын
  • he finally got a perfect score after all these years

    @aAmacornichiknbaloneyAa@aAmacornichiknbaloneyAa3 күн бұрын
  • Попасть на кресло😊 Попасть в кубок💀💀

    @romeokrasavchik1831@romeokrasavchik183112 күн бұрын
  • 370... Those Who Know.........

    @Last_Speaker_Man17@Last_Speaker_Man1716 күн бұрын
    • Malaysia mh370 😫😫🙏🙏

      @NissanCarZ@NissanCarZ16 күн бұрын
    • Error code 1001💀

      @shawtyride1949@shawtyride194915 күн бұрын
    • @@shawtyride1949 he know buddy

      @NissanCarZ@NissanCarZ14 күн бұрын
    • its a myth. how gullible can this generation be

      @smilemations@smilemations6 күн бұрын
  • People who could do better 👇

    @Ibloop@Ibloop7 күн бұрын
    • Nobody cares

      @Grizzly-90cc@Grizzly-90cc6 күн бұрын
    • Dont do the "👇" for likes my Man. U if u still doin this u aint getting respect

      @TottallyNotVoid@TottallyNotVoid6 күн бұрын
    • People who beg

      @Boosbi-tq1bm@Boosbi-tq1bm6 күн бұрын
    • #stopbegging

      @fayyadzainul@fayyadzainul6 күн бұрын
    • 😮😮😮​@@fayyadzainul

      @akbaralfauzan904@akbaralfauzan9045 күн бұрын
  • Omg I tried to get away from this guy on spotlight and now he’s everywhere 💀

    @Heisenburg295@Heisenburg2956 күн бұрын
  • This is every troll filter Rules 1. People who plays with this filter won't get the perfect score 2. Easy to get crazy score 3. Hidden a secret And Crazy score

    @user-zx2gt7io2e@user-zx2gt7io2e13 күн бұрын
  • Та самая ИРИНА БУМ. Если что этот легендарный мем поймут только русскоязычные люди.

    @Danik_22022@Danik_2202217 күн бұрын
    • 😎😎😎

      @angelicacisterna3272@angelicacisterna327215 күн бұрын
    • 😎😎😎

      @andreychubenko8746@andreychubenko874615 күн бұрын
  • My man escaped the psychic ward💀

    @Moagi06@Moagi062 күн бұрын
  • Bro looks like a pdf file

    @MusicToilet@MusicToilet5 күн бұрын
  • “ I cAmE bAcK tO liCk yOu”😂😂

    @low_as-gravity@low_as-gravity22 күн бұрын
    • Wtfffffff

      @7besha.@7besha.19 күн бұрын
    • I a e a k o c o ????

      @elite_shadow420@elite_shadow42018 күн бұрын
    • What in the actual fuck?

      @sinaicorona2306@sinaicorona230618 күн бұрын
    • @@sinaicorona2306 at the end😵

      @low_as-gravity@low_as-gravity17 күн бұрын
    • @@low_as-gravityWhat?

      @sinaicorona2306@sinaicorona230617 күн бұрын
  • People who wanted the phone to land in the trophie 👇

    @SpyCrowdown@SpyCrowdown14 күн бұрын
    • :/

      @jerryblades5022@jerryblades502213 күн бұрын

      @Foltynfan_forever@Foltynfan_forever13 күн бұрын
    • 😂😂😂😂😮😮😮

      @soniamilos4590@soniamilos45909 күн бұрын
  • Last score:😢 Second score:😂 First score:... Roblox:whaaattt I thought this is deleted

    @floralynmanibog32@floralynmanibog328 күн бұрын
  • Apothary, west pacific misses you. He wishes that he will watch your videos again.

    @username_romromrom@username_romromrom5 күн бұрын
  • Bro won legendary and crazy but he didn't want it💀💀💀

    @user-wu9kk8et7b@user-wu9kk8et7b18 күн бұрын
    • Fu

      @superneatnow@superneatnow18 күн бұрын
    • Fuck

      @superneatnow@superneatnow18 күн бұрын
    • Fuckin

      @American_PhilippineA@American_PhilippineA17 күн бұрын
  • Deaf people: 😐 Blind people: 🎩 🧐

    @justjack498@justjack49810 күн бұрын
  • “This is impossible!” *enter kevdog*

    @Goobe-r@Goobe-r5 күн бұрын
  • I fell in all places to the right place 🙂

    @mrtr3267@mrtr32678 күн бұрын
  • 1-1001? PPL who know ⏬ If you dont know explanation at 25 likes (IM NOT BEGGING FOR LIKES

    @athbaalameri4173@athbaalameri417320 күн бұрын
    • Like beggar

      @Victor-Man@Victor-Man19 күн бұрын
    • Bro why this people’s (and kids) want likes?

      @lukinhaswowgamer8116@lukinhaswowgamer811619 күн бұрын
    • @@lukinhaswowgamer8116 cuz they're nerds

      @Victor-Man@Victor-Man19 күн бұрын
    • Bro why do you care if she’s asking for likes? are you blind or something bc she literally said in ALL CAPS that she ain’t a like beggar

      @MP-oq1sh@MP-oq1sh18 күн бұрын
    • @@MP-oq1sh he just edited

      @Victor-Man@Victor-Man18 күн бұрын
  • "If you make a mistake you're gay" I automatically:

    @calabreso_9731@calabreso_973116 күн бұрын
  • My dumbass watched this 3 times thinking he’s gonna get it

    @FatherLuff@FatherLuff4 күн бұрын
  • POV: me with my phone after I lose 10 ranked matches in a row

    @TrashyEditsWithArtem@TrashyEditsWithArtem7 күн бұрын
  • Don't let NASA see this guy 💀

    @Blackr444_@Blackr444_16 күн бұрын
  • БЕЗ ИРИНЫ💀 👇 25 лайков мой рекорд ⭐

    @YT__Super__Misha__YT@YT__Super__Misha__YT16 күн бұрын
    • И-ри-н а

      @SaurSaur-cm9ny@SaurSaur-cm9ny16 күн бұрын
    • Ирина тумц пум пум тупумц Ирина

      @thepassline@thepassline16 күн бұрын
    • -😢-

      @xgd3@xgd316 күн бұрын
    • - 😢 +

      @xgd3@xgd316 күн бұрын
    • А чего сразу Ирину он англ и не знает по русски и че брать только Ирину?

      @Nekc-Tsyren@Nekc-Tsyren16 күн бұрын
  • Everyone:thats crazy score and stuff like that Me:sining my heart out bc I’ve heard this song a thousand times

    @user-gx5lp8mg7z@user-gx5lp8mg7z8 күн бұрын
  • You guys might say he's a creep Boys making me smile Do nobody can take the Smile out of his face😂😂😂😂

    @user-qu2tg7rl7b@user-qu2tg7rl7b4 күн бұрын
  • Chris pratt dollar store😂😂💀💀

    @Gear5Chez@Gear5Chez19 күн бұрын
    • Nah that’s lazerbeam dollar store

      @MrGamer20231@MrGamer2023118 күн бұрын
    • Wdym?

      @troymonroy5199@troymonroy519918 күн бұрын
    • @@troymonroy5199 we mean this guy looks like lazerbeam or Chris Pratt

      @MrGamer20231@MrGamer2023118 күн бұрын
    • Nah that's Gordon ramsay from walmart

      @TerraWoah@TerraWoah18 күн бұрын
  • Ты копируешь Ирину

    @user-jw8fm2wf3b@user-jw8fm2wf3b18 күн бұрын
    • Ахахаха да

      @user-jl9vv9uf1s@user-jl9vv9uf1s17 күн бұрын
  • Everyone:weee *helicopters* Germany:yall im to fat srry Everyone:Farts in a trash get out or ill flash and throw you into the ocean to take a bath

    @user-qr5pl5wz2s@user-qr5pl5wz2s5 күн бұрын
  • He looks like he was stuck by lightning 💀

    @valashrodrigues80@valashrodrigues804 күн бұрын
  • У Ирины лучше

    @user-sm8ze3lj1s@user-sm8ze3lj1s19 күн бұрын
    • Согл

      @trufel68k@trufel68k18 күн бұрын
    • Нет это Ирина 2.0

      @user-dc6xl9he3i@user-dc6xl9he3i17 күн бұрын
    • "_😂_"

      @gyanijhingoer7482@gyanijhingoer748216 күн бұрын
    • "_"😂"_"

      @gyanijhingoer7482@gyanijhingoer748216 күн бұрын
  • Bro got every other score.

    @OwenDeLaiarro@OwenDeLaiarro8 күн бұрын
  • People who wanted him to land in the metal😭

    @IDKREAL@IDKREAL5 күн бұрын
  • bro snorted 491 grams of straight cocai-

    @dogewasntfound@dogewasntfound7 күн бұрын
  • ИРИНА!!! Тут тебе работка

    @user-ot4de1ud2h@user-ot4de1ud2h19 күн бұрын
    • Здесь тоже есть русские!!!!! Привет я согласна ИРИНА ТЕБЕ ЕСТЬ РАБОТКААААААА

      @yliamagda2022@yliamagda202218 күн бұрын
    • ☺️

      @yliamagda2022@yliamagda202218 күн бұрын
    • Ирина nnbbnhgbtv6eeeyrzfedfigg Ирина gfcgfcjhdfokknhfsazcv

      @user-rx7ut8wt2r@user-rx7ut8wt2r18 күн бұрын
    • Ура русс

      @user-tj9lm7fw1v@user-tj9lm7fw1v18 күн бұрын
  • Bro's on crack²

    @Helix_COD@Helix_COD22 күн бұрын
    • Let him get happy bicht

      @AntiFurryFinalBoss@AntiFurryFinalBoss19 күн бұрын
  • Who needs a perfect score anyways... We got crazy score

    @Male_07-Confirmed@Male_07-Confirmed6 күн бұрын
  • У тебя немного оборонное лицо, (не хочу обидеть, надо было помыть лицо)

    @SungAfterMatch49@SungAfterMatch498 күн бұрын
  • [photo].[trollface]

    @glaizapardines12987@glaizapardines1298719 күн бұрын
  • the chair🔥🔥🔥🔥

    @ErlanggaDS@ErlanggaDS19 күн бұрын
  • Bro look like the average Tommyinnit thumbnail. The chair one was nice

    @fxnr1r@fxnr1r7 күн бұрын
  • What is thus game called?

    @chrisdrake8611@chrisdrake86116 күн бұрын

    @drieddt@drieddt7 күн бұрын
    • It ain't even a green screen

      @KreciQ-FNC@KreciQ-FNC3 күн бұрын

      @Ismayonnaiseaninstrument37@Ismayonnaiseaninstrument373 күн бұрын
    • You need to learn grammar​@@Ismayonnaiseaninstrument37

      @keilenakurniawan1729@keilenakurniawan17293 күн бұрын
    • It's not green screen, mate

      @keilenakurniawan1729@keilenakurniawan17293 күн бұрын
    • It’s not green screen

      @JustThatGuy760@JustThatGuy7603 күн бұрын
  • Blind people 💀 Deaf people 😌

    @TheRealGioYT@TheRealGioYT15 күн бұрын
    • Nothings happening💀💀💀

      @TheGrandLineAdventures@TheGrandLineAdventures14 күн бұрын
    • I dumb

      @TheRealGioYT@TheRealGioYT14 күн бұрын
    • What’s wrong with the music

      @sean.thatguy@sean.thatguy14 күн бұрын
    • ​@@sean.thatguy nothing, this comment is meaningless

      @Trimberr@Trimberr14 күн бұрын
    • Why are there blind people on Yt Shorts anyway

      @Ejemplo-lz8ql@Ejemplo-lz8ql13 күн бұрын
  • bros genuinely tweaking out 💀

    @nousernamehere9363@nousernamehere93636 күн бұрын
  • Look At Bros Face😂😂😂

    @KobeDagamer@KobeDagamer8 күн бұрын
    • 🤣🤣🤣

      @Euonethegamer2022@Euonethegamer20227 күн бұрын
  • Gordon Ramsay has gone crazy

    @trissenbradley1960@trissenbradley196018 күн бұрын
  • ¿Por qué es posible LA puntuación perfecta?

    @REYSCAR123@REYSCAR12314 күн бұрын
  • Game: It’s a Tiktok filter and there’s like hundreds of them just like this.

    @smilemations@smilemations6 күн бұрын
  • Epic: 1001 Legendary: 1002 💀

    @adityanarayan_@adityanarayan_6 күн бұрын
  • The person in the background 👁️👄👁️

    @damian84au@damian84au6 күн бұрын
  • Bro kevdog bout to fail that💀

    @killa5200@killa52004 күн бұрын
  • The crazy score numbers make a random Indian phone number ( without the code )

    @aaditsanjeevkrishnajagarla1126@aaditsanjeevkrishnajagarla11268 күн бұрын
  • I'm just wondering if this guys ever washes his face 💀 ☠

    @Phoebe-hx1xr@Phoebe-hx1xr7 күн бұрын
  • *Я открываю stardrop мне выпадает Леон также моё лицо после того как я понял что следующий 20 стар дроров будет только редкие*

    @user-om2nm3sj7u@user-om2nm3sj7u3 күн бұрын
  • My : were is dad ? Dad :I ges you wonder were a milk. 😂😂🎶🎶🔊🔊

    @Acordix3456@Acordix34565 күн бұрын
  • "Enter KevDog"💀💀

    @Khiver_Micheal_GAMIN123@Khiver_Micheal_GAMIN1234 күн бұрын
  • Bro phone durability 🗿🍷👌

    @user-cp5nx6ig5z@user-cp5nx6ig5z8 күн бұрын