Crossing the Sea (2): Escaping under the nose of mother?

2023 ж. 1 Нау.
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Crossing the Sea (2): Escaping under the nose of mother?#funny #comedy #shorts #funnyvideos #guige
Hey! I'm super talented GuiGe, this is my Only Official Channel on KZhead.😎
I made super creative funny videos with my family! What plot twists will there be for detective mom and genius son? What story will the gluttonous fat daughter Boniu have on food and weight?
We will start our family war in more amazing ways than you can imagine, and the ending will be absolutely unexpected. All videos are original and hope to bring joy and relaxation to your life.
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#guige #momandson #funny#comedy #funnyvideos #trynottolaugh

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    • @commander Gamerz kooordinator kooordinator kooordinator oto ooo oto ooo oon ooo o

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  • How did those stairs not collapse

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  • BFF:-What's going on? Me in mind:- I have to act like I understood Me to my BFF:-I know I can understand

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  • pov:you are running from north Korea

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  • I’m just going to act like I understood what happen.

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  • I don’t know what’s going on but this is funny.

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  • What the actual fuc-

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