Austria 4K - Scenic Relaxation Film With Calming Music

2021 ж. 17 Сәу.
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Austria is one of the most stunning countries in the world. Enjoy this 4K relaxation film across the Austria's most beautiful regions. From the enchanting village of Hallstatt to the towering Alps Austria has so many places waiting to be explored.

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    The natural beauty of the nature(TNBOTN)The natural beauty of the nature(TNBOTN)20 сағат бұрын
  • Very beautiful scenery and relaxing music.

    皮德韦皮德韦23 сағат бұрын
    • Thanks mate!

      Scenic RelaxationScenic Relaxation7 сағат бұрын
  • the music, the views, astounding work, thank you

    Francisco Victoria AppendinoFrancisco Victoria AppendinoКүн бұрын
    • Thanks Francisco!

      Scenic RelaxationScenic Relaxation7 сағат бұрын
  • Zuisa austria. And germany incredible

    abel sacasquiabel sacasquiКүн бұрын
  • waw beautiful

    Techinfo MusicTechinfo MusicКүн бұрын
    • Thanks friend!

      Scenic RelaxationScenic RelaxationКүн бұрын
  • Lindo Lindo Lindo.

    Ana LúciaAna Lúcia2 күн бұрын

    Ivan CruzIvan Cruz2 күн бұрын
  • OMG 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    LonelyLonely4 күн бұрын
    • Thanks mate!

      Scenic RelaxationScenic Relaxation4 күн бұрын
  • I hope the name of the village appears in every screenshot

    احمد الشمرياحمد الشمري4 күн бұрын
  • Beautiful!! Austria

    Dream RelaxationDream Relaxation5 күн бұрын

    TapuTapu5 күн бұрын
  • 👍👍Amazing

    كروموسوم.Chromosomeكروموسوم.Chromosome5 күн бұрын
    • Thank you! Cheers!

      Scenic RelaxationScenic Relaxation5 күн бұрын
  • Amazing place🥰🥰

    Life in PapuaLife in Papua5 күн бұрын
    • It really is!

      Scenic RelaxationScenic Relaxation5 күн бұрын
  • Maravillosa es Austria 🇦🇹 Saludos de Chile 🇨🇱

    Mikael MedMikael Med6 күн бұрын
    • Es un pais bien especial :) Amo chile tambien 🇨🇱

      Scenic RelaxationScenic Relaxation5 күн бұрын
  • Wow, Austria has breathtaking scenery.....

    Travel DestinationTravel Destination7 күн бұрын
    • Such a magical country!

      Scenic RelaxationScenic Relaxation6 күн бұрын
  • Es muy hermoso Austria, como me gustaría conocerlo personalmente

    Salvador NieblaSalvador Niebla7 күн бұрын
  • Austria is so underrated compared to other Europe countries! It is so beautiful with the medieval villages and majestic Alps. It is definitely one of the most stunning countries in the world!!

    The Travelling DumplingThe Travelling Dumpling7 күн бұрын
    • I agree, there's so much hidden beauty waiting to be explored there :)

      Scenic RelaxationScenic Relaxation7 күн бұрын
  • Austria is basically the cheaper version (only in case of money) of Switzerland. Same beautiful scenery, actually better service and good food. I really love our friendly neighbors.

    feixbixfeixbix8 күн бұрын
    • I agree with that, i found it so much cheaper and more affordable :)

      Scenic RelaxationScenic Relaxation8 күн бұрын
  • hi

    Mathana Natural LifeMathana Natural Life9 күн бұрын
  • Perfeccion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gustavo CoronelGustavo Coronel10 күн бұрын
  • This dude life in heaven.

    M4JidzM4Jidz10 күн бұрын
  • It is a shame that the places shown are not named

    Herr BertHerr Bert12 күн бұрын
  • Was Adolf Hitler an Austrian?

    Artur OlechArtur Olech14 күн бұрын
    • Yes

      WaYxDerBozZWaYxDerBozZ2 күн бұрын
  • Wonderful video.. thank you so much..

    Mini Trip رحلةMini Trip رحلة14 күн бұрын
    • Thanks for watching it :)

      Scenic RelaxationScenic Relaxation14 күн бұрын
  • Subhan'ALLAH

    Saulat bin KhizarSaulat bin Khizar14 күн бұрын
  • How beutiful is Austria ... love it ..... Thx.. from ur video ..

    Hamidullah mozafariHamidullah mozafari15 күн бұрын
  • Spectacular!

    AndisyosaVlogsAndisyosaVlogs15 күн бұрын
    • Thanks brother!

      Scenic RelaxationScenic Relaxation15 күн бұрын
  • Austria is the most beautiful country on earth. This is far away Korea, but it is a travel destination I want to travel to. If you get the chance...

    홍신샘TV_여행 전문채널홍신샘TV_여행 전문채널15 күн бұрын
    • I hope you can visit soon!

      Scenic RelaxationScenic Relaxation15 күн бұрын
  • Qué maravilla de paisajes gracias por compartir 😊

    Juan Manuel Roman HuertaJuan Manuel Roman Huerta16 күн бұрын
    • Gracias Juan!

      Scenic RelaxationScenic Relaxation16 күн бұрын
  • 😍😍😍

    Бабаскина ЛюбаБабаскина Люба16 күн бұрын
  • 人间仙境

    洪家辉洪家辉17 күн бұрын
  • All i can say, its indeed a piece of heaven on Earth, and ofcourse a thumbs up for the video

    Magnetic MediaMagnetic Media18 күн бұрын
    • OF course! Thanks for watching :)

      Scenic RelaxationScenic Relaxation17 күн бұрын
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    Simon LongSimon Long18 күн бұрын
  • The music is from Tony Anderson btw.

    TheTuubsterTheTuubster18 күн бұрын
  • Awesome, great video 🙌🌍

    ZeeWalk-TravelZeeWalk-Travel19 күн бұрын
    • Thank you 🙌

      Scenic RelaxationScenic Relaxation19 күн бұрын
  • Beautiful upload! Have a calm and relaxed day!🎧🎵😎

    Chic Style and a Winning SmileChic Style and a Winning Smile20 күн бұрын
    • Thanks friend!

      Scenic RelaxationScenic Relaxation19 күн бұрын
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    Kenia EdenKenia Eden20 күн бұрын
  • I wish to visit the Austria! How nice the country is!

    badhon arengbadhon areng20 күн бұрын
    • I hope you can soon! Where are you from?

      Scenic RelaxationScenic Relaxation20 күн бұрын
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    Kal fatinsonKal fatinson21 күн бұрын
  • Stunning 4K imagery! Thank you so much!

    Library CollectionLibrary Collection21 күн бұрын
    • Thanks mate!

      Scenic RelaxationScenic Relaxation20 күн бұрын
  • good

    Journey Jejak Datek Journey Jejak Datek 21 күн бұрын
  • i love Austria

    h csh cs21 күн бұрын
    • There's so much to love!

      Scenic RelaxationScenic Relaxation21 күн бұрын
  • Wunderschon, ich liebe Switzer uma Osterreich. Die bieden sind wunderbar.

    Wilma AdamWilma Adam22 күн бұрын
  • 07:10 Where is that place ?

    BelerezBelerez22 күн бұрын
    • @Scenic Relaxation Thank you ❤

      BelerezBelerez22 күн бұрын
    • Its called Schafberg

      Scenic RelaxationScenic Relaxation22 күн бұрын
  • time is everything ! austria is perfect !

    cowboy zonecowboy zone23 күн бұрын
    • Austria is perfect :)

      Scenic RelaxationScenic Relaxation22 күн бұрын
  • Very beautiful scenery and relaxing music.

    吴克略吴克略23 күн бұрын
  • ATS Branch kola lam poor🥰😃

    Pir MuhammadPir Muhammad23 күн бұрын
  • Please make video on Luxembourg , ❤💚💙💜💛💗💕💞💓💘❤❤

    The Pure soul in NatureThe Pure soul in Nature24 күн бұрын
    • Ok ok :)

      Scenic RelaxationScenic Relaxation23 күн бұрын
  • Me checking what’s recommended then I see this video and I feel curious to know what’s this all about I click on it and now unfortunately i can’t click off

    kinanthecrankerkinanthecranker24 күн бұрын
    • That’s a good sign 😁

      Scenic RelaxationScenic Relaxation24 күн бұрын
  • Przepieknie....Wunderschön....Beautiful.....

    Krzysztof SalaKrzysztof Sala24 күн бұрын
  • Nice

    relaxing manrelaxing man26 күн бұрын
    • Thanks man!

      Scenic RelaxationScenic Relaxation26 күн бұрын
  • "Know that 99.9% of people won't see this, but 0.01% of people who do have a great day: D Remember to be nice to each other during these tough times, too!"

    Life MelodyLife Melody26 күн бұрын
  • This is amazing

    One Hour OffOne Hour Off26 күн бұрын
    • Thanks mate!

      Scenic RelaxationScenic Relaxation26 күн бұрын
  • Gorgeous footage, thank you.

    NonSequiturNonSequitur27 күн бұрын
    • Thanks mate!

      Scenic RelaxationScenic Relaxation26 күн бұрын
  • I like it 😊

    top online relaxtop online relax27 күн бұрын
    • Thank you!

      Scenic RelaxationScenic Relaxation27 күн бұрын
  • Video yang bagus.

    YogabudhiYogabudhi27 күн бұрын
  • Nice

    ELEMENTSELEMENTS28 күн бұрын
    • Thank you!

      Scenic RelaxationScenic Relaxation27 күн бұрын
  • חיסון ילדיםפשע

    Hshs JehehHshs Jeheh28 күн бұрын
  • 😇😍😀💯😍😉😘🤩😋😀😅thanks understands

    Dewi sartika anggraeniDewi sartika anggraeni29 күн бұрын
  • മലയാളികൾ ആരേലും കാണുന്നുണ്ടോ

    Ameer 123🇮🇳Ameer 123🇮🇳Ай бұрын
  • 😍 ബ്യുട്ടിഫുൾ

    Ameer 123🇮🇳Ameer 123🇮🇳Ай бұрын
  • what's the place in 19:25 ?

    Sleepy BookSleepy BookАй бұрын

  • where is here?

    Wall manWall manАй бұрын
  • 너무나도 사랑스러운 오스트리아

    Y O N A L E E Y O N A L E E Ай бұрын
  • 25:39 where is the place??

    나나나나나나나나Ай бұрын
  • wow, it's beautifull

    Nguyễn HuyNguyễn HuyАй бұрын
  • 现在我就明白天堂是怎么样了

    Relax Cafe MusicRelax Cafe MusicАй бұрын
    • 就像小时候的童话描述的一样 此景只应天上有,人间能得几回闻?

      Wall manWall manАй бұрын
  • すばらしい

    Vicco MiyaVicco MiyaАй бұрын
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    Yele YtYele YtАй бұрын
  • It is very beautiful, from Iran

    Mahyar MahamMahyar MahamАй бұрын
    • Thanks mate!

      Scenic RelaxationScenic RelaxationАй бұрын
  • Who else is listening to this fantastic music in 2021?????

    Relaxing Music -【BGM】Relaxing Music -【BGM】Ай бұрын
  • Vídeo Lindo demais!

    Carlos OliveiraCarlos OliveiraАй бұрын
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    Kal fatinsonKal fatinsonАй бұрын
  • Nice video

    N.Vasanth 4kN.Vasanth 4kАй бұрын
    • Thanks Vasanth!

      Scenic RelaxationScenic RelaxationАй бұрын
  • wish there was a technology to smell the moments

    Study & Relaxing in 4KStudy & Relaxing in 4KАй бұрын
    • That would be next level!

      Scenic RelaxationScenic RelaxationАй бұрын
  • How do you guys do it. You are doing the best thing. Whenever I feel tired or get I just see one of you videos. They are so good. Great work team scenic relaxation....👍👍

    Kshitij SawarkarKshitij SawarkarАй бұрын
    • Ah, thanks for your kind words friend! All the best :)

      Scenic RelaxationScenic RelaxationАй бұрын
  • Châu âu rất văn minh !

    Bya YthimBya YthimАй бұрын
  • Amazing videography and soothing BGM. My love to the team. You guys are really doing the justice in showing nature as it is. at 6.47 min I was stunned. a suggestion - it will great if you can mention the places as well. Its really motivating to travel to these places. Thank you so much team. Love from India.

    Dr. Utham babuDr. Utham babuАй бұрын
  • Lovely! Cheers for more awesome and incredible globetrotting adventures! 🥂❤️😇

    Juan TheWorldJuan TheWorldАй бұрын
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    Marry XuMarry XuАй бұрын
  • Hello everybody! Our planet is magnificent. 😀😀😀😀😀😀

    Landscapes ChannelLandscapes ChannelАй бұрын
  • Wow!

  • wow amazing

    FAA ChannelFAA ChannelАй бұрын
  • Whoa

    Finesse KwFinesse KwАй бұрын
  • Beautiful videos! Can you tell me what camera do you use? And what lenses, which give such deep picture, like the mountains are so far away?

    Максим АпухтинМаксим АпухтинАй бұрын
  • Dashing

    Sajan KapoorSajan KapoorАй бұрын
    • Thanks Sajan!

      Scenic RelaxationScenic RelaxationАй бұрын
  • lived in Austria for 5 years, truly beautiful country

    Bryn GriffithBryn GriffithАй бұрын
    • @Scenic Relaxation Village called Seitenstetten near Steyr!

      Bryn GriffithBryn GriffithАй бұрын
    • That's awesome! What part of Austria did you live in ?

      Scenic RelaxationScenic RelaxationАй бұрын
  • Its so beautiful ,amazing country

    Jalen HasonJalen HasonАй бұрын
    • Thanks Jalen!

      Scenic RelaxationScenic RelaxationАй бұрын
  • 5:30 Who is the lucky one who can have that house? ... I hate him hahaha.

    LUISLUISАй бұрын
    • I'm jealous too :)

      Scenic RelaxationScenic RelaxationАй бұрын
  • Naaaa recién llevo 2 minutos... Te pasaste la Wea bella!

    LUISLUISАй бұрын

      Epic Travel ZestEpic Travel ZestАй бұрын
  • We live in such a beautiful world! Thank you for sharing pieces of it with us 🌎

    Beautiful RelaxationBeautiful RelaxationАй бұрын

      Epic Travel ZestEpic Travel ZestАй бұрын
  • Hinterer Gosausee, Dachstein.....Nice :)

    Ansel AdamsAnsel AdamsАй бұрын
    • All stunning places! Are you from Austria?

      Scenic RelaxationScenic RelaxationАй бұрын
  • I am 70 yrs old. I haven't been camping for some time. I remember hearing this sound on our tent. beautiful

    RELAXING - 편안해지는 음악RELAXING - 편안해지는 음악Ай бұрын
    • I hope you can go soon :) hard to beat the sounds of nature

      Scenic RelaxationScenic RelaxationАй бұрын
  • I feel that the author is very hard at making videos, I hope your channel is getting better and better

    Celine ChenCeline ChenАй бұрын

      Epic Travel ZestEpic Travel ZestАй бұрын
    • @Celine ChenThank you very much Celine

    • @CÉSAR LEITÃO Nice going :)

      Celine ChenCeline ChenАй бұрын
    • I don't know it yet, but it's in my plans, beautiful place.

  • Wow! I hope I can go in Austria.

    Instrumental Background MusicInstrumental Background MusicАй бұрын
  • Absolutely beautiful and peaceful big love big like your channel....

    M Hassan PashaM Hassan PashaАй бұрын
  • Ein wundervollen Film, aber leider keine Beschreibung wo die einzelnen Plätzen sind.

    Pongchai TantasethiPongchai TantasethiАй бұрын

    Derx ArchiveDerx ArchiveАй бұрын
  • Can someone please tell me the name of the song playing at 8.20 - 11.5 min. I really love that piece of music.

    newb987654321newb987654321Ай бұрын
    • @Scenic Relaxation Oh, Thank you very much. Cheers. :D

      newb987654321newb987654321Ай бұрын
    • Its called Nuit by Tony Anderson :)

      Scenic RelaxationScenic RelaxationАй бұрын