Squid Game - Chosen One | Gacha Club | Ppg x Rrb Gacha Life

2021 ж. 13 Қаз.
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Squid Game - Chosen One | Gacha Club | Ppg x Rrb Gacha Life

❤️Welcome to Gacha Fans' Homepage ❤️

Gacha World revolves around 15-year-old Anna, the only princess in the Gacha royal family. Anna is a lovely, kind princess who loves to help others. But around her there are always dangerous traps of the evil queen Mom and her daughter Lisa, who always have a jealous attitude.

Each episode tells hilarious everyday stories about love, friendship, teen idols, and the mysteries surrounding the Gacha royal family.


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Producer - Luong Ngon
Director - Son Do, Tran Toan
Scriptwriter - Minh Trang
Artist - Thuy Dung, Huy Hoang
Character: Tran Duong
Animator - Minh Cong, Hieu Siu, Thuy Duong
Editer : Trung Hieu
Admin: Pham Loc

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