ROBLOX LIFE : Gold Friend Full Story - Part 2 - Animation

2021 ж. 20 Ақп.
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Thank you for watching my animation cartoon Roblox Video.
Please watch till the end and enjoy my video.
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  • im sow happy ahahaha

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  • 7:34 why school bus will come when have a fire...

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  • I love how he punched the toxic

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  • roblox studio?

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  • suburban city

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  • I saw your video noob story

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  • Aqua animation

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  • 7:52 I see a fire XD

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  • Wow

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  • Let’s appreciate the physics in this game Idk how a bike instantly brakes from a single rock but then again it could been cheap

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  • The fucking sound effects lol

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  • Name: ProperNoobRBX Role: poor kid's Cool Friend Helping Him Show Off

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  • I love roblox

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  • That’s so good😢

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    • Me being The Poor Kid's Cool Friend

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    • I'm planning a role

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    • Ikr

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  • And y ugly dog

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  • User: Deadpoolx145667 Role: I'll be a friend who helps him

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  • Are you fine I’ll tell you my name but tell me your name tell me tell me what is your name first and I will tell you what is my name

  • Wow who’s going to who’s playing that game show me what is your name I’ll tell you my name just kidding

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  • I know you did you not laugh at him no I said it wrong

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  • User:Agqnt Role:The homeless's best friend

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  • OK he’s changing his bike blue

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  • Kairill2014 is my Roblox nickname

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  • Why his bike it’s so dirty

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  • I think the dad is a teacher i think the dad has a job from the school

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  • SuperheroHD81 and leader of bully

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  • Username:Fighter_Team Role:rich boy

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  • I feel so bad for him

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    • I mean chinonaspring1

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  • The only funny part is how stupid this is

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  • This is my favorite part exciting

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  • Why didn’t he take the 💵 money

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  • It's really good but u know no dating on roblox and you'll get reported!!!!

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  • Cool

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  • Really cool animation! not* also why do you use mincraft sound affects?

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  • Есть русские?

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