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Hello friends! Are you bored at home? Wanna try something new in this cheerful day? Something fancy? Join us!


00:00 Phone Case Hack
00:34 Lava Lamp
01:11 Pet Bottle Bracelet
02:22 Ring Holder
03:16 Coaster
04:10 Unicorn Light
05:37 Clear Heart Wallet
06:40 Liquid Phone Case
08:05 Cloud Night Light
08:46 BFF Bracelets
09:44 Fairy Jar Light
10:30 Butterfly Night Light
11:34 Heart Phone Cases
12:31 Liquid Clear Pencil Case
14:40 Paper Picture Frame
15:42 Valentine LOVE Gift
16:49 Clear Makeup Bag
18:29 Phone Case Ideas
20:22 Flower Wall Clock
22:29 Unicorn Dream Catcher
24:12 Donut Pen Holder
25:31 Bronzing Cream
25:54 Nail Art
26:29 Coffee Idea
27:06 Heart Night Light
28:29 BFF Bracelets
29:48 Ice Cream Case Ideas
30:43 BFF Gift Card
31:54 Kawaii Toilet Paper Roll Pen Holder
33:19 Cloud Night Light
34:28 Strawberry Chocolate Dessert
35:29 Panda Phone Case
36:42 Stick Photo Frame
37:40 Temporary Heart Tattoo
38:40 Temporary Tattoo
38:47 BFF Bracelets
39:30 Feather Dream Catcher
41:13 Bow Tie Pillow
43:01 Paper Hexagon Shelf
44:27 Ombre Vase
44:53 Owl Phone Case
46:35 Popcorn Paper Box
47:59 Tea Bag Nails
49:09 Nutella Phone Case
50:26 Ponpon Phone Case
51:18 Letter Temporary Tattoo
52:43 Pineapple Earphone Holder
53:14 Mini Mouse Dream Catcher
55:20 Heart Organizer
56:18 Unicorn Glitter Tattoo
56:56 BFF Magic Card
58:11 Light Magic Card
59:05 Macaron Keychain
59:51 Paper Phone Holder
1:01:42 Ipad Holder
1:02:09 Dream Catcher
1:04:43 Heart Photo Holder
1:05:40 Button Bracelet
1:06:05 Body Glitter
1:06:37 Paper Pen Holder
1:07:21 Wall Decor
1:08:09 Paper Cup Magic Face
1:08:59 Glow Jar
1:09:37 Wall Decor
1:09:51 Nail Art
1:10:19 Art Decor
1:10:55 Strawberry Candy Box
1:12:29 Anti Stress Ball
1:13:01 CD Coaster
1:13:34 Phone Case Idea
1:14:29 Paper Photo Frame
1:16:04 Stick Phone Holder
1:17:08 Nail Ring
1:17:42 Lip Gloss
1:18:06 Finger Holder Phone
1:19:00 Heart Necklace
1:19:27 Pompom Bunny
1:20:50 Pattern Mask Ideas
1:22:39 Butterfly Hair Pin
1:23:27 Tinkerbell Fairy Jar
1:24:18 Pattern Cloth Bag Idea
1:24:50 Toilet Paper Wristband
1:25:37 No Borax Slime
1:26:34 Heart Night Light
1:27:06 Liquid Phone Case
1:29:04 Bookmark Idea
1:30:29 Cake In Cup
1:31:11 Valentine Gift
1:32:17 Cloud Pompom Wall Decor
1:33:47 Photo Frame
1:34:45 Pompom Key Chain
1:37:13 Earring Holder
1:37:51 Butterfly Phone Case
1:38:11 Straw Bracelet
1:38:55 Teddy Bear Phone Case
1:40:04 Glasses Phone Case
1:40:44 Unicorn Wall Decor
1:41:34 Candle Holder Idea
1:42:24 Nail Design
1:42:56 Kinetic Sand Slime
1:44:39 Epoxy Necklace
1:45:19 Dalgona Coffee
1:46:10 Ballerina Wall Decor
1:47:12 Pet Bottle Flowers

Unicorn: drive.google.com/file/d/1jSZE...
Heart: drive.google.com/file/d/1hnsY...
Clock: drive.google.com/file/d/1rfZs...
Panda: drive.google.com/file/d/1MzSd...

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