210 Days How I Build Million Dollars Tunnel Water Slide Park into Swimming Pool House Underground

2021 ж. 20 Мау.
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210 Days How I Build Million Dollars Tunnel Water Slide Park into Swimming Pool House Underground

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Who we are?
We are a group of 4 friends who live in San Francisco, the United States of America. We worked together in a company. Currently, we just decided to quite our job and started our job as our hobby and dream job as builders. We love building. We got the same mindset actually. Recently, we just move to live in Oklahoma, the southern of the USA. I got a plot of land here, so we come and start making videos about how to build, how to survive, and mostly about the primitive skills in the jungle.

How did we build such a hug water slide park?
We spent 210 days to build this amazing water slide park and swimming pool house in underground. We used all the ancient primitive tools to dug and cut things for the building. This would be ridiculous to hear that we started this project just really viral by using our hands without any help from the heavy trucks like excavator, bulldozer, crane, or even the dump truck. For sure, we were sacrificed and struggle to proof that we can do it by our own hands even though there are some obstacles during our working in this building.

How big is this building?
We separated this building into two parts. The first parts is about the water slide and the swimming pool and the second parts is about the underground house. The first part dimension is 12metres by 12metres and it is 5.5metres depth. The second part, underground house, dimension is 3.5metres by 4metres and the depth is only 4metres.

What’s next?
The next underground building project is going to be much more amazing and interesting than this. Please stay tune to watch the next episode.

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    سامي الشهريسامي الشهري16 сағат бұрын