DIY Camper Van Conversion. Full Build Timelapse

2023 ж. 28 Нау.
19 455 225 Рет қаралды

6 months of building a camper van condensed into 18 minutes for anyone who'd like the TL;DR version.
Check out my 4 Part Build Series for the full videos.
• The Van Build Series
00:00 - What kind of Van
00:11 - Removing the interior
00:31 - Roof Rails
00:50 - Ceiling Fan
01:31 - Window
02:04 - Subfloor
02:19 - Sheep’s Wool Insulation
02:35 - Plywood Flooring
03:13 - Solar Panels
04:09 - Pull-Out Bed
06:19 - Kitchen Cabinet
07:02 - Salvaged Timber Benchtop
07:52 - Work Desk
08:41 - Overhead Cabinets
09:41 - Ceiling Frame
10:00 - Painting
10:14 - Installation
10:24 - Off-Grid Electrical System
11:04 - Wiring Ceiling Fan
11:24 - LED Lighting
11:57 - Sink and Benchtop Installation
12:11 - Plumbing
13:04 - Flip Down Table / Water Tanks Access
13:18 - Flip Up Table
13:37 - 3D Printed Latches
13:51 - Last things for the Kitchen Cabinet
14:05 - Pull-Out Bed: Latches
14:24 - Insulation and Plywood Panels
15:09 0 Finishing up the Desk
15:20 - Box for the portable toilet / Seating for Desk
15:38 - Templating for Flooring
16:00 - Curtains (with magnets)
16:22 - Mattress Cushions
17:04 - Finishing up

  • Incredible. Plumbing, electrical, 3d printing, carpentry, sewing, videography. An incredible showcase of all your skills!

    jasoncheungacousticjasoncheungacoustic Жыл бұрын
    • @itz jay found one! He cannot hold 3 pillows together.. see 17:00

      Faust_77Faust_77Ай бұрын
    • @itz jay bodybuild to become Mr olympia?

      Castaway GiboCastaway GiboАй бұрын
    • i forgot videography was part of this, but you’re right, he might as well do all his own editing too at this rate

      SarahShadySarahShady2 ай бұрын
    • Agree just fantastic

      Reel SpokenReel Spoken2 ай бұрын
  • Wow. Just wow. Not only can you carry out an AMAZING van build but the video production quality was incredibly well done. You are seriously so talented! 100/10 for this video!

    Justin MillheimJustin MillheimАй бұрын
  • Dude, is there anything you can't do. Amazing skill set and when you cranked up the sewing machine that was next level. Well done.

    Brad HainesBrad Haines23 күн бұрын
  • I loved every second of watching this project. I saw me in everything you did. Except that I bought a 100 yr old beach house with 27 rooms. It needed everything and I did everything, just as you did in a miniature version. Your detail work was amazing and your knowledge of everything impressed me the most. Men can do anything that we set our minds to, and you deserve 5* ... thanks for sharing . William

    william brookewilliam brooke6 ай бұрын
    • William has been playing with his dolls house again. Keep dreaming sunshine! 🤡

      SomeRandomNameSomeRandomNameАй бұрын
    • whoa pump the sexism brakes, william

      SarahShadySarahShady2 ай бұрын
    • @TheSoldout1 Pah!

      Neville ContractorNeville Contractor3 ай бұрын
    • Sounds amazing were looking to buy a beach house..let me know if you're selling.

      sellyourhomenowbooksellyourhomenowbook3 ай бұрын
    • Women can do it too!!

      TheSoldout1TheSoldout16 ай бұрын
  • I hope this video lands you your dream job cause holy shit you're an asset. Can't imagine how proud you must've been when you finally put it all together.

    YouTube EnjoyerYouTube Enjoyer3 ай бұрын
  • ok the part that you need to make longer is the "after everything is done" part so we can see it all in its glory, with lots of pan shots, long shots, closeups, etc. Truly amazing production. You are a TRUE engineer, who can visualize it, design it, AND create it. The sliding bench-storage-cum-bed is a mindblower--it's like a Murphy bed and a trundle bed had a baby! Truly amazing. VERY well done! 👍👍👍

    JekkuJekku6 ай бұрын
    • Agreed. I would love to see more of the finished product. I want to see it lived in! So beautiful!

      DenisDenis2 ай бұрын
  • Let's stop for a moment to appreciate all the good work, excellent engineering and how talented you are. Congrats man!

    Antonio MeresAntonio Meres Жыл бұрын
    • Bravissimo!!!

      Gianluca VisentinGianluca Visentin6 ай бұрын
    • @Ragetist Agree. There should be an operating licence to be allowed to write a comment. Negative comments are seldom needed. And insults never.

      Jeffry GriffithJeffry Griffith6 ай бұрын
    • Yes indeed from the carpentry to the sewing and electrical wiring. How does one person have so much talent?

      Donna KirklandDonna Kirkland6 ай бұрын
    • I can stop for ages to appreciate that.

      CHikour47CHikour476 ай бұрын
  • One of the most beautiful camper van start to finish videos I've ever seen. Thank you for posting this.

    chip mchughchip mchugh6 ай бұрын
  • This man should win the Nobel Prize of Superior Craftsmanship. My admiration and full respect for such a neat work.

    Pablo ParedesPablo Paredes3 күн бұрын
  • First time ever watching one of these videos all the way through (I usually skip until the end to see final results) but I was mesmerized! Not just the skill, but attention to detail and clean workmanship. When he started up the sewing machine I almost fell off my chair...I want to marry this man!! Something so hot about a person being able to create things with their hands and brains!! Fabulous job!!

    Italian DreamItalian DreamАй бұрын
  • Excellent craftsmanship! And the result speaks for itself. I don't usually watch these kind of build videos, because I tend to find them boring after the first few minutes, but I watched this one all the way through without getting bored once! I'm sure you're going to have loads of fun with that van. 👍🏽😉

    Jens GraikowskiJens Graikowski2 ай бұрын
    • How do you have a check mark with only 79 subs

      BobTheBuilderBobTheBuilder2 ай бұрын
  • This is honestly one of the most amazing things I’ve watched someone do. Bravo 👏🏿

    Ez_DaGoatEz_DaGoat2 ай бұрын
  • Your filming/editing style is incredibly unique. I'm currently filming and posting a van conversion series, so I know how long it takes to set up all these shots and edit through them. I appreciate your dedication to what you create. Brilliant. And a joy to watch!!

    JessaJayVlogsJessaJayVlogs Жыл бұрын
    • @Gangadhar Gundali Shivamogga उय्य्यय6य्युय्यय6ए

    • @Gangadhar Gundali Shivamogga bbbbbdxccd

      Vishnu VardhanVishnu Vardhan11 ай бұрын
    • @Life n Style AFRICA wym

      J&RJ&R11 ай бұрын
  • I was deeply mesmerised from start to finish. From start to finish I was deeply moved especially the part where you were sewing. Felt like jack of all trades, master of all. So beautifully done. Thank you for sharing. I would kindly wish a bathroom was added. Even if it isn't a full standing one, at least an area that can be converted into one when needed. Overall, your work was neat, detailed, straightforward and perfect ❤

    Valentina KaluValentina Kalu7 күн бұрын
  • Incredible, inspiring aesthetic and craftsmanship. Great videography. And detailed chapters are always appreciated!

    LiaframLiafram4 ай бұрын
  • amazing! the fact that you made it so simple to build is so inspirational and motivating. keep creating. 💪👍

    Martin WijayaMartin WijayaАй бұрын
  • One of the best van videos, by far! Craftmanship all the way!

    Henrik KramselundHenrik Kramselund5 ай бұрын
  • Incredible work. Thumbs up for this man ❤

    Faiza Car Squad🚗Faiza Car Squad🚗10 сағат бұрын
  • The level of talent you have in such a variety of fields is truly impressive

    Chris KennedyChris Kennedy Жыл бұрын
    • @Y You jack of all trades is a master of none, but better than a master of one :p

      John WayneJohn Wayne10 ай бұрын
    • Hey there Friend, how are you doing today? Must be some difficult time out there. Well It isn’t my will to interfere into your private businesses, So I would love to ask do you believe in investment?

      Augustine Pablo R'NeilAugustine Pablo R'Neil11 ай бұрын
    • Oh my god,this so talented guy.

      joespeky76 speky76joespeky76 speky7611 ай бұрын
    • @AdventureVenture .

      Тамара ИсаеваТамара Исаева11 ай бұрын
  • Incredible how diverse your skill sets are for this build. Great job man

    WhittyWhitty3 ай бұрын
  • What an amazing job, your talent in everything from the carpentry, plumbing, electrical and even the bloody sewing 🤯 fantastic effort 👏

    Greg MGreg MАй бұрын
  • Outstanding work. Obviously skilled in a variety of things required for the build. A lot of respect for your talents.

    Bruce BryantBruce Bryant2 ай бұрын
  • Actually i didnt want the video to finish the filming and music is so soothing kind of relaxing and exciting in the same time ,you are talented in every way 💚

    NORANORA6 ай бұрын
  • Exellent craftsmanship and a pleasure to watch, thanx for all the effort to filming the whole build and making this informative time lapse.

    Erik MErik M28 күн бұрын
  • Is there anything this man can’t do? Absolutely phenomenal skills

    Ian ToddIan Todd7 ай бұрын
    • Cooking

      Tim TimTim Tim2 ай бұрын
    • @Senor Swift what?

      Ian ToddIan Todd2 ай бұрын
    • i think being your husband is the only thing he can't do

      Senor SwiftSenor Swift2 ай бұрын
    • Even the video editing skills are amazing... let alone the actual skill set needed for the conversion

      CheesieCheesie2 ай бұрын
    • Am asking myself same question

      Niwareba InnocentNiwareba Innocent3 ай бұрын
  • Great video. Well put together, and the van looks awesome.

    Jim MorrisJim Morris3 ай бұрын
  • Absolute masterpiece. Incredible work, from design to implementation, truly beautiful. Liked and subscribed and happy to share!

    DenisDenis2 ай бұрын
  • Very professional everything..well done with the van like the rest of the projects you do.. Thanks for the content.

    MWebbMWebbАй бұрын
  • Your videos are beyond satisfying! So amazing!

    Offroad DiariesOffroad DiariesАй бұрын
  • I like your re-use and finish of hard woods. Lots of creative inventiveness too. Nice work sir 🙂

    Chris WalkerChris WalkerАй бұрын
  • This gentleman here is what I envisioned a real man looks like when I was a kid: hardworking, intelligent, smart, attentive to detail, strong, silent in his words, loud in his actions. It felt like a privilege to watch this video for free. Thank you and congrats for your work!

    HonorouHonorou Жыл бұрын
    • @ophello we all know what he meant. So it did make sense. Your comment is the thing that makes no sense..

      Ever ZwijnEver Zwijn Жыл бұрын
    • @ophello Hm, okay, thank you! Edited.

      HonorouHonorou Жыл бұрын
    • It’s “how he looks” or “what he looks like.” It’s grammatically wrong to say “how he looks like.” It makes no sense.

      ophelloophello Жыл бұрын
  • looks really nice, love the diagonal led lighting and your 3d printed locks

    Matt HollisMatt Hollis2 ай бұрын
  • Fantástico!!! Parabéns.

    Rui FernandesRui Fernandes6 ай бұрын
  • This is absolutely amazing. Not sure I could do all of this myself but I’d love to try. Still in the process of looking for a van.

    Aurelius WrightAurelius WrightАй бұрын
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  • Man, well done! Is there anything you can't do? Beautiful craftsmanship.

    Aden RossinniAden RossinniАй бұрын
  • I've seen hundreds of van conversion videos, but what you've done here is absolutely the most professional build.

    Amish HackerAmish Hacker Жыл бұрын
  • Absolutely admire your craftsmanship! Inspirational ❤👊🏼💪🏽

    Gursimran SangheraGursimran SangheraАй бұрын
  • One of the most relaxing and informative videos I've ever seen. And I didn't even fall asleep half way through! Beautiful craftsmanship!👍👏👏👏

    jan russjan russ6 ай бұрын
  • This is so satisfying to watch thank you. You’re amazing bro 👏

    DesiDesi26 күн бұрын
  • Love your detailed work! Great accomplishment, great video! Love it!

    KEN DAKEN DA6 ай бұрын
    • Cabdikhaaliq faysalCabdikhaaliq faysal29 күн бұрын
  • Epic build! Have the 3d-printed latches proven to work well long-term? Don't loosen while driving, etc?

    RamblingOwlRamblingOwl4 ай бұрын
  • An incredible array of professional handyman skills on show. Beautifully done. When the sewing machine came out I shouldn't have been surprised. An exceptionally capable guy: the design, planning, execution, precision. Well done! Subscribed.

    KiatKiat Жыл бұрын
    • Exactly my thoughts

      Marcus AveryMarcus Avery Жыл бұрын
  • Un trabajo increíble, felicidades. Buen vídeo 👌

    Jose MunozJose Munoz6 ай бұрын
  • The whole creation of this is simply stunning🤩😍. I am blown away!

    Buddy's Day OutBuddy's Day Out3 ай бұрын
  • Very amazing! Great work! 👍

    Oli VROli VR5 ай бұрын
  • Me ha fascina la destreza y orden con que ha realizado los cambios en una camioneta. Muchas felicidades y gracias por crear estos vídeos.

    Luis ValadezLuis Valadez6 ай бұрын
  • Innovative, very skilled build, and the video blog isn't too bad either!

    Robert HunterRobert Hunter2 ай бұрын
  • This guy is a genius! Honestly I run a caravan repair shop / camper van conversion company and what he has just done in this video is nothing short of amazing from cabinetry to electrical work and everything else if you ever want a job I’ll hire you on the spot, also those cabinet latches are a awesome idea 💡 Great work

    Tom AmosTom Amos Жыл бұрын
    • @Sleepy he got 15 mill views on a video, i think he is fine mate

      remlessremless7 ай бұрын
    • Hey there Friend, how are you doing today? Must be some difficult time out there. Well It isn’t my will to interfere into your private businesses, So I would love to ask do you believe in investment?

      Augustine Pablo R'NeilAugustine Pablo R'Neil11 ай бұрын
    • @emrespalace how do you know that he runs his own business, what if he's just good at everything but not being able to run a business. Wheres the evidence

      SleepySleepy11 ай бұрын
    • I realise it's a token of respect but the guy clearly runs his own business and so all these replies defending op are still making no sense🤣

      emrespalaceemrespalace11 ай бұрын
    • I was impressed with the whole build, but the latches got me the most. I'll remember those.

      Miss QMiss Q11 ай бұрын
  • I’d love to know now that you have built such an amazing van, what would you have done differently if you were to build it again?

    Tom BreeTom BreeАй бұрын
  • Absolutely Fantastic I have no word to express my feelings regarding your work I really really appreciate and admired your talent Brother! Master Class ♥

    Rizwan AhmedRizwan Ahmed2 ай бұрын
  • You make this look so easy!!! The detail and care. Your Calming energy is real. Bravo.

    Jennifer BerryJennifer Berry2 ай бұрын
  • Amazing job, hombre 👍🏻 ai consider myself "handy" but the level of design and execution is impressive. Top job!

    Jonathan StablerJonathan Stabler2 ай бұрын
  • It's great to watch a multi-skilled craftsman. I'm looking forward to watching the full videos. 👍

    PJ ThatchPJ Thatch3 ай бұрын
  • Mad respect to all the work that goes in this video.

    NoyanNoyan7 ай бұрын
    • Yeah so sarisfiying and cqling to watch

      Ash KetchupAsh Ketchup3 ай бұрын
  • Loads of brillant ideas implemented easy. Very well done, mate. Thx for sharing with us.

    RASDKBRASDKB2 ай бұрын
  • Amazing video and amazing work. I wish I knew how to do half what you did!

    AZ ContentAZ Content3 ай бұрын
  • Paradní prácička 👌👍

    Jan MotlJan Motl6 ай бұрын
  • You did such a great job!

    Jenique DanielJenique Daniel5 ай бұрын
  • Awesome 🙏... The sound of everything was so beautiful 👍 Brilliant job 👍

    Mridul TyagiMridul Tyagi6 ай бұрын
  • Multi-talented, amazing craftsmanship & true love & dedication to detail-looks amazing! Congrats!

    Liz McTernanLiz McTernan Жыл бұрын
    • All he'd need now is to have some witch decide they don't like it and want to scrap the whole thing!🤬

      Beverly LedbetterBeverly Ledbetter8 ай бұрын
    • Toliet seat solution: Add a footrest Step and a backing equal height to the desk

      YouWouldntClickALinkOnYoutube WouldntYou?YouWouldntClickALinkOnYoutube WouldntYou?11 ай бұрын
  • Awesome work and very informative thank you ☺️

    Nicole StewartNicole Stewart6 ай бұрын
  • It's amazing, you made it well and I really like the concept you worked on.👍

    yourdeathyourdeath3 ай бұрын
  • Wow. I feel I can build a few things. But you are an absolute Master! Thanks so much for sharing.

    Fam. RiRe BarbonFam. RiRe Barbon6 ай бұрын
  • This is A. Steller design, skills and finish B. fantastic shooting & editing to show the entire process and keep attention. Fantastic!

    Bridie MacdonaldBridie Macdonald2 ай бұрын
  • your work showcases your thoughtful vision, meticulous skill and careful precision - thanks for sharing!

    Patrick HensleyPatrick Hensley2 ай бұрын
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  • This is honestly mind blowing. You’re talent in the fabrication, recording and editing of this are insane

    D HD H Жыл бұрын
    • @Growlus notneeded lmao see my comment above funny af

      InsistentMindInsistentMind11 ай бұрын
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      Growlus notneededGrowlus notneeded Жыл бұрын
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    • insane.

      Mike MorrisMike Morris Жыл бұрын
  • Very therapeutic to watch from my bed with covid! Thank you. Lots of hard work in that, not just to think through and do the build but to film and edit the whole thing. Weeks of editing work!

    Stuart C PalmerStuart C Palmer6 ай бұрын
  • cant say a word man! this is absolutely brilliant work! stunning! clean and neat!! perfect!!

    Andika RamadhanAndika Ramadhan5 ай бұрын
  • You guys have done such a nice job. You are very hardworking and multi skills intelligent. I admire your work and efforts.

    Ranjit GuravRanjit Gurav6 ай бұрын
  • Incredible! Skills showed integrity 👏🏽. Congratulations job well done!

    Pearll JewelsPearll Jewels5 ай бұрын
  • *You got some serious skills, from the ground up, electrical, plumbing, sewing, engineering, finishing, lighing......I wouldnt doubt it if you are a mechanic also.......AWESOME WORK, AWESOME JOB!!!*

    Qi HunaQi Huna5 ай бұрын
  • One of the most beautiful van conversions I have ever seen. The extendable bed is amazing 😳

    Jennifer WJennifer W9 ай бұрын
    • Facts. I’ve been binging conversions for the past couple days now. This looks like a passion project. So Well Done. The level of detail he went to as well was so satisfying to see. Even started sewing some covers. The video was so well edited as well. My guy did all this and didn’t have to say a word.

      JDogJDog7 ай бұрын
  • It was good to watch how you work, i enjoyed every minutes. I hope this year i can build my version, you gave me good ideas! Enjoy your camper! 🙂

    József HorváthJózsef Horváth2 ай бұрын
  • I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone with so much excellence, intentionality, and precision

    Jace RyanJace Ryan2 ай бұрын
  • ABSOLUTELY AMAZING ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️SOOOOO INSPIRING 🙏🙏 My soulmate passed away three weeks ago after falling off a very high cliff. It was always our dream to build our own camper van. I am going ahead with it. ❤️ And will take him with me in spirit everywhere I go and on every piece I build ❤️🙏 This has been so so so inspiring, I cannot thank you enough ❤️

    Dare2BelieveDare2BelieveАй бұрын
  • This guy. Just keeps going and going with skill after skill. Absolutely fabulous. And amazing craftspersonship

    My Digital DiaryMy Digital Diary4 ай бұрын
  • Man that is a lot of work just to video every step in a professional way. Great video!

    TNTvansTNTvans2 ай бұрын
  • Without a doubt, the most well executed and well thought out van conversion I have seen, and I have seen many! your work was flawless in every aspect, really amazing to see someone be so adept at their craft. Inspired!

    FabiusFabius Жыл бұрын
  • Amazing... everything is perfectly done love it ❤️😁

    Sermon TeronSermon Teron4 ай бұрын
  • Absolutely magnificent job! Beautiful

    YesYes2 ай бұрын
  • Madre mía, eres una máquina, vales para todo ,te quedó preciosa la furgoneta 😍😍👏👏👏

    Marina GarciaMarina Garcia3 ай бұрын
  • Excellent Job. Thanks for sharing your talents and skills 👍

    Gary SchadeGary Schade3 ай бұрын
  • Parabéns colega,ficou linda👏🗿

    Jesus Está VoltandoJesus Está Voltando3 ай бұрын
  • This is nice, everything looks like it was planned with precision and carefully crafted, and the end result is something extremely clean and organized!

    Kevin FieldsKevin Fields Жыл бұрын
    • Whoever gets this guy for a handyman would've hit the jackpot. He can do everything!

      Beverly LedbetterBeverly Ledbetter8 ай бұрын
    • GO TRUMP

      Ping GuerreroPing Guerrero11 ай бұрын
  • Awesome!! Great ideas for us beginners, thanks!! 👍

    phoeniciangeminiphoeniciangemini3 ай бұрын
  • Beautifully done. Perfect.

    CamperVan-KCamperVan-K3 ай бұрын
  • This has probably got to be one of the most relaxed videos I've ever watched, loved the music 👍

    Treacle Micro CamperTreacle Micro Camper5 ай бұрын
  • Didn't only subscribe, I dropped this vid onto my Bookmark Bar. Very well done filming, editing and carpentry. Thanks! As I am nearing my retirement I have been thinking of a conversion camper van. This was so exciting to see and to feel my inspiration charge-up.

    Jeffry GriffithJeffry Griffith6 ай бұрын
  • Your really talented and such a craftsman!! Loved what you put together. 💕🇺🇸🙏

    💙True Blue Patriot💙True Blue Patriot6 ай бұрын
  • This man's skills are worth their weight in gold. I could watch him forever, he makes it look so easy. Thanks! 🤩👍

    Andrea HeinAndrea Hein10 ай бұрын
  • Excellent skills, buddy !!! Awesome. Very well made. Everything right, fit and nice. Congrats.

    enemaguitarristenemaguitarrist4 ай бұрын
  • Really awesome! Very good taste and skills. I enjoyed every minute of it.

    Felipe PalomoFelipe Palomo6 ай бұрын
  • I can watch this for hours. Wish I had those craftsmanskills. Absolute job well done!

    Walter OwensonWalter Owenson6 ай бұрын
  • I am very impressed & can see that you put your heart & sole into your work, you have done an amazing job. A true craftsman.

    Roger JonesRoger Jones2 ай бұрын
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  • Hats off to you young man! What all around skills!!

    Trudy MaenzaTrudy Maenza6 ай бұрын
  • This guys is talent house! He literally managed everything that would normally require a big team with many skilled people! Simply amazing and pleasing to watch.

    Yogesh BorhadeYogesh Borhade8 ай бұрын
    • Repent to Jesus Christ “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.” ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭7:12‬ ‭NIV‬‬ J

      Repent and believe in Jesus ChristRepent and believe in Jesus Christ6 ай бұрын
    • Building something like this requires months of planning, money, and skills in different areas. If you don't have the skills, you can learn them. You ask the experts. Usually, money is not the main problem. You can save up for a van like this and if you do most of the work yourself then it won't cost you much in the end. The problem is time. It takes a lot of time to build. If you have a full-time job then you can only spend maybe 10 - 15 hours a week on building this thing, and it would take you around 12- 18 months to finish the build.

      Professor MoriartyProfessor Moriarty7 ай бұрын
  • First would just want to say You are a master craftsman - from carpentry, electrical, plumbing and even sewing! 2nd, I like the way you edited the video, enjoyable to watch the creativity and the fancy tools. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    Bernadette TanBernadette Tan5 ай бұрын
  • you work like someone who comes from austria. i have seen many van conversions on youtube but you really show quality. it's not the materials or anything i mean but just how you work them. the scene with the playing cards is genius^^ nice work man

    PhilPhil2 ай бұрын
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  • Awesome job. Impressive skills.👍👍

    newtong579newtong57912 күн бұрын
  • Carpentry is such an amazing skill to have, I'm still in awe what people can do with such a timeless craft.

    P WP W5 ай бұрын