Introducing our New Arrival! 1969 Ford Mustang GT 🥶 Available Now!

2023 ж. 25 Қаз.
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  • That’s pure beauty !!

    @billywynn233@billywynn233Ай бұрын
    • Nur diese Schuhe 😂

      @Bjrnbrnjes@Bjrnbrnjes26 күн бұрын
    • Yed

      @volkansayg4601@volkansayg460125 күн бұрын
  • Unfortunately,they don't make them like this anymore. That is pure art.

    @andreeacreanga7099@andreeacreanga70994 күн бұрын
    • And a death trap

      @finnvansmirren5673@finnvansmirren56732 күн бұрын
    • They never made it like that. The quality paint, details, etc. were all added later. People remember it as a POS that drove poorly.

      @kurroth@kurroth15 сағат бұрын
  • When cars had a charisma about them. 👏🏿

    @CW-rh4jz@CW-rh4jz8 күн бұрын
  • That is not a car, Its Emotion ❤

    @icare5@icare525 күн бұрын
    • An emotion

      @nakeddrifter4685@nakeddrifter468520 күн бұрын
    • an orgasm

      @valeriolanfranchi4080@valeriolanfranchi408020 күн бұрын
    • But how it's emotion.

      @kingstar007@kingstar00719 күн бұрын
    • @@kingstar007 u wouldn't understand it anyway

      @icare5@icare519 күн бұрын
  • 1969 what a great year for muscle 💪

    @nickmaldonado1247@nickmaldonado124710 күн бұрын
  • Thats what we called "artistic sculpture"...a marvelous beautiful creation....sound of engine firing is music for ears...My heart just filled with joy and happiness...

    @amarsinghpardeshi9616@amarsinghpardeshi96167 күн бұрын
  • Who else thinks that the '69s are the best mustangs?

    @Disciple_of_God.@Disciple_of_God.14 күн бұрын
    • Don't care about others opinions, these are the best, completely unmatched

      @DrakyHRT@DrakyHRT6 күн бұрын
    • Pizza wlbna 🍕🍕🍕id3amo akhokom

      @ramiwalasad6586@ramiwalasad658612 сағат бұрын
    • ❤❤❤❤❤

      @ramiwalasad6586@ramiwalasad658612 сағат бұрын
  • Just have to say ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL

    @wlewis2070@wlewis20708 күн бұрын
  • Horses never gets old 🔥

    @nicejock7504@nicejock75047 күн бұрын
  • A literal piece of art.

    @EVLfreak666@EVLfreak666Ай бұрын
  • So satisfying and I still remember John wick driving one these

    @kwandemathebula6967@kwandemathebula696712 күн бұрын
  • That engine started better than half the regular vehicles Ive ever owned 😅😅😅😅

    @eliteculture1519@eliteculture151914 күн бұрын
  • Hood clips are the most satisfying thing ever.

    @Frankman232@Frankman23212 күн бұрын
  • God that's a beautiful piece of engineering.

    @mitch3384@mitch338412 күн бұрын
  • Those bonnet lock looks more reliable than new one

    @YouTubeQuora@YouTubeQuora17 күн бұрын
    • "Hood Pins", Sir. Those are hood pins.

      @tanagerffolkes5180@tanagerffolkes518016 күн бұрын
    • ​@@tanagerffolkes5180He's obviously not American, don't be pretentious. In the UK they call hoods bonnet

      @sturg1853@sturg185315 күн бұрын
    • Called a hood pin

      @DirectoutdoorsTV@DirectoutdoorsTV15 күн бұрын
    • @@sturg1853the British love to be pretentious let us have one thing

      @scoobsshrooms109@scoobsshrooms10914 күн бұрын
  • The interior is so simple yet so elegant unlike today's cars

    @suseelmarahattha5894@suseelmarahattha58949 күн бұрын
  • When I was watching this video, I could only hear one song "LIFE COULD BE DREAM"❤❤❤

    @rushikeshsulakhe9213@rushikeshsulakhe921313 күн бұрын
  • The folding assembly of the rear seats looks so much more practical than most new ones

    @daro9582@daro958225 күн бұрын
    • Not really

      @SmallDriver8@SmallDriver822 күн бұрын
    • ​@@SmallDriver8Yes really. Not one single new car I know of that is sold in America has this feature. It's genius.

      @toddthezondalover645@toddthezondalover64522 күн бұрын
    • Тот самый шкода, лэндровер, форд

      @amnamapolovkov837@amnamapolovkov83721 күн бұрын
  • Each and every sound is so satisfying and comforting

    @sumitpawade1051@sumitpawade105110 күн бұрын
  • Bro these old mustangs are interesting and freaking cool as hell

    @patrick_sullivan605@patrick_sullivan6057 күн бұрын
  • No amount of Tech can replace this. 👍

    @doudymac@doudymac22 күн бұрын
    • Ну не знаю По мне кажется раньше норм машину делали чем сейчас

      @user-wv5nk6xs1r@user-wv5nk6xs1r19 күн бұрын
    • Thank goodness it survived cash 4 clunkers

      @onradioactivewaves@onradioactivewaves18 күн бұрын
    • TATA buy buy

      @lekhraj6809@lekhraj680918 күн бұрын
    • Replace what? A 15mph collision leading to death? You get a fender bender in this mf your already looking for a physical therapist 😂

      @TheAncientSnack.@TheAncientSnack.16 күн бұрын
    • @@TheAncientSnack. It's ok. I figured some people wouldn't get it.

      @doudymac@doudymac16 күн бұрын
  • The thing is these restored cars are more lovely and of greater fit and finish than they ever were when they were new. It would be disappointing to go back in time and buy one.

    @dano247365@dano2473657 күн бұрын
  • Now that's a CAR, what a beauty 😮

    @saswatmeher05@saswatmeher0510 күн бұрын
  • The older cars I swear are a beauty and some are more comfortable than what we have today..

    @queen_nva7641@queen_nva764114 күн бұрын
    • Правильно сказали. 👍

      @user-wv3sx1bh7t@user-wv3sx1bh7t13 күн бұрын
    • The silhouette of the Mustang will still be timeless in 100 years. Never had the good fortune to sit in one, but there's very little that has come out since that looks better.

      @mitch3384@mitch338412 күн бұрын
    • I agree. But by the same token, if my car is going to get wrapped around a tree somehow, I’d rather it be a new one for the safety 😂

      @Frankman232@Frankman23212 күн бұрын
    • The issue with comfort is seats and suspension stock. These were not that good bro has a 65 coup with the worst seats, but ok suspension, my mom had a 69 coup grande fully Original sold it for 2k instead of selling it to her kids. That car was in the family for almost 25 years.

      @TheMoldyOne@TheMoldyOne11 күн бұрын
    • Раньше машины делали инженеры, а теперь маркетологи бро.

      @demolitiondiy1819@demolitiondiy181911 күн бұрын
  • My neighbour has one of these in blue with a matte black bonnet. I got to use it as a wedding car, very nice. Would love to have one aswell one day :)

    @RoryV7@RoryV77 күн бұрын
  • It embodies the perfection of everything beautiful ❤😢

    @MrInoue@MrInoue11 күн бұрын
  • Every single sound in that beauty is so satisfying.

    @jeffmattel7867@jeffmattel78679 күн бұрын
  • Absolutely beautiful!

    @andreszuniga5017@andreszuniga5017Ай бұрын
  • It may be old, but that thing is fucking quality!!!!

    @user-io4sr7vg1v@user-io4sr7vg1v7 күн бұрын
  • Those back seats are siiiiiick. Ive never seen an old car do that

    @austindurham5736@austindurham573620 сағат бұрын
  • That may be the first time anyone has ever used the shoulder belt in that Mustang, lol.

    @Matt-xv2cp@Matt-xv2cpАй бұрын
    • Carrão Lindíssimos ❤️👏👏👏👏👏

      @luizgonzagadamotaluizmota9042@luizgonzagadamotaluizmota9042Ай бұрын
    • 😂

      @kevinpatterson3367@kevinpatterson336729 күн бұрын
    • Класс ! А вооще понты для нищих.

      @user-ju3ki6yn8r@user-ju3ki6yn8r28 күн бұрын
    • He’s going to need it, because he’s about to go in a wild ride. Yeeee-haw!

      @mrdude88@mrdude8828 күн бұрын
    • Simplemente hermoso 😊😊

      @norbertodeanda2004@norbertodeanda200426 күн бұрын
  • That's a beauty . Love that color.

    @user-yw1tq4xs7z@user-yw1tq4xs7z11 күн бұрын
  • This car is sexy. That generation had some very nice cars

    @nsxt290@nsxt2908 күн бұрын
  • You know it’s a classic when the high beam switch is a pedal

    @MTM-Shorts@MTM-Shorts14 күн бұрын
    • I didnt know they were high beams, i thought they were fog lights the whole time....

      @francofranco3306@francofranco33068 күн бұрын
  • That adjustable back seat made exclusively for LOVE❤

    @sterzkamy@sterzkamy3 күн бұрын
  • The sound of that door opening is golden is like kricking ur neck

    @user-yh8ee3ni9c@user-yh8ee3ni9c6 күн бұрын
  • Anyone got goosebumps after seeing this ❤.

    @tusharmasram@tusharmasram22 күн бұрын
    • Nah you are the only one who got it

      @jimmy_newborn5922@jimmy_newborn592218 күн бұрын
    • Nope!

      @ravisingh-eo8pf@ravisingh-eo8pf16 күн бұрын
    • No goosebumps

      @djuj2121@djuj212115 күн бұрын
  • Those seats look so damn comfy

    @No-fw4qj@No-fw4qj8 күн бұрын
  • That car is the definition of beauty

    @joshuagalea8165@joshuagalea816523 күн бұрын
  • The interior design is so sick! It looks like 20s art deco.

    @kll.switch@kll.switch10 күн бұрын
  • A pure masterpiece

    @cmosdaboss@cmosdaboss9 күн бұрын
  • Вечная память всем кто работал над этим шедевром

    @user-km5iw2cc1b@user-km5iw2cc1b25 күн бұрын
    • Не хороните людей множество людей работавших в69-м еще живы им от 75до 90лет вполне возможно

      @igorsh5611@igorsh561122 күн бұрын
    • ​@@igorsh5611он и не хоронил.просто написал,вечная им память!но помнить ведь можно и при жизни...

      @TimOn2988@TimOn298822 күн бұрын
    • Аппарат не из самых худших.Но на 3 передачах преступники к примеру далеко не уедут в наше время😂

      @Efim_765@Efim_76522 күн бұрын
    • @@Efim_765 почему же?

      @lviarikus@lviarikus21 күн бұрын
  • Such a classic beauty

    @koushalsharma2659@koushalsharma26596 күн бұрын
  • Very clean!

    @yadenJamal-ii4yv@yadenJamal-ii4yv13 күн бұрын
  • Man! These beauties would go for millions of dollars in the Auction! Such an absolute beauty!

    @aliengamer1716@aliengamer171625 күн бұрын
    • Not millions. Like $85k max.

      @jacksongennet967@jacksongennet96721 күн бұрын
    • Один большой минус - почему не прокатился

      @user-uy4gt9nz1k@user-uy4gt9nz1k20 күн бұрын
    • Absolutely NOT.

      @joshroi8610@joshroi861020 күн бұрын

    @jeffreydouble1638@jeffreydouble16389 күн бұрын
  • This is waaay better than newer cars

    @ayodyasatryoanggorojati5008@ayodyasatryoanggorojati500810 сағат бұрын
  • I just love classic Mustangs. And the color on this one is absolutely beautiful.

    @crashoverride8450@crashoverride845029 күн бұрын
  • Looks gorgeous i love it

    @MrSaKhs@MrSaKhs8 күн бұрын
  • Oh man, I’m loving it! Back in the day…….

    @cappystrano1@cappystrano16 күн бұрын
  • I love how you could turn high lights on with your foot on those old models.

    @khashayarolia2532@khashayarolia253229 күн бұрын
    • It didn't turn the lights on. It's a dimmer switch!😂

      @clinttorris4085@clinttorris408524 күн бұрын
    • @@clinttorris4085 I had a 60s car and the high beam were controlled by the foot switch.

      @khashayarolia2532@khashayarolia253224 күн бұрын
    • @@clinttorris4085. Switching between low and high beam was accomplished through a dimmer switch mounted on the floor. So it did turn the high beam lights on and off.

      @marklark8805@marklark880523 күн бұрын
    • @@marklark8805 no flour mounted dimmer switch turned the headlight off or on. It only changed then from bright to dim. The lights had a pull switch on the dash that turned them off and on.

      @clinttorris4085@clinttorris408523 күн бұрын
    • @@clinttorris4085Nobody said it did. They said it turns the high beams on.

      @GMbowtie350@GMbowtie35014 күн бұрын
  • Golden age of America wrapped into one beautiful piece of machinery that basically says, "always remember, we were the best, and there will never be anyone better, even though we aren't what we were"

    @jjs6568@jjs656813 күн бұрын
  • Something so charming about a floor mounted dimmer switch

    @courier6739@courier67398 күн бұрын
  • Not a Ford guy, BUTTTTTTTT I will take this beautiful work of art over ANY new Mustang!!!

    @moulds71@moulds71Ай бұрын
    • new mustangs dont even have an real engine :P

      @user-kz2kp5gv3l@user-kz2kp5gv3l25 күн бұрын
    • @@user-kz2kp5gv3lThey do. What are you talking about? The Mach E is not a Mustang.

      @jacksongennet967@jacksongennet96721 күн бұрын
  • back then when automobiles are just simple and fun to drive

    @zeroeightization@zeroeightization13 күн бұрын
  • The respect of the amazing rear beast of the road.

    @zenomadanan4846@zenomadanan484612 күн бұрын
  • Absolute beauty ✨and CLEAN

    @revmartin2981@revmartin298121 күн бұрын
  • One of the sexiest cars ever.

    @HakunaMatata5393@HakunaMatata53939 күн бұрын
  • Very nice one! I’ve got a 65 GT in Wimbledon white. Love it

    @9199aa@9199aa10 күн бұрын
  • Wouldn't be cool if Ford released a 2024 1969 mustang. Modern drivetrain, but looks like 69 with updated interior.

    @tayloralvidrez4342@tayloralvidrez434221 күн бұрын
    • The old interior is what makes it cool.

      @chrischevalier6107@chrischevalier610716 күн бұрын
    • Not possible with today's laws

      @gun7796@gun779615 күн бұрын
    • ​@@gun7796 and why? environmental friendliness? safety? (I write with the help of a translator)

      @light_future@light_future14 күн бұрын
    • ​@@light_futurepolitics and market

      @gemini4lyfe3001@gemini4lyfe300114 күн бұрын
  • his great great grandson would be so proud

    @apubiswas8294@apubiswas829410 сағат бұрын
  • John Wick : "where is my car?"

    @Mol-Lu-archive@Mol-Lu-archive3 күн бұрын
  • The colour choice is beautiful as well.

    @gaganvarshney3287@gaganvarshney3287Ай бұрын
    • Yeah never seen in this colour

      @BroTej2432@BroTej243229 күн бұрын
    • What color is it? I'm color blind. Lol

      @luckyloser76@luckyloser7627 күн бұрын
    • ​@@luckyloser76Greenish blue

      @Amin10XD@Amin10XD26 күн бұрын
    • @@Amin10XD thank you

      @luckyloser76@luckyloser7626 күн бұрын
  • Why people stopped making cars in this shape.. its so beautiful ❤️

    @shoaibshabz6882@shoaibshabz688213 күн бұрын
  • Эти автомобили - произведение искусства!

    @zeka356@zeka35611 күн бұрын
  • Бляяя.. как же он прекрасен 👍👍👍👍

    @Waas_Montenegro.@Waas_Montenegro.26 күн бұрын
    • Первого слова вполне достаточно,я его даже с интонацией прочитал)

      @polkilo5947@polkilo594725 күн бұрын
    • Рычит как гепард.

      @user-ev2yj6ew3y@user-ev2yj6ew3y20 күн бұрын
  • Omg that color is amazingly perfect! My dream color

    @coffeedust6837@coffeedust6837Күн бұрын
  • Pure Manual + Mechanical 🎉

    @ChetanShivankar-iz7zr@ChetanShivankar-iz7zr8 күн бұрын
  • That colour is gorgeous 😊

    @bethdavison6566@bethdavison656614 күн бұрын
  • Man,....that sound is so satisfying ❤❤❤

    @Maallbro@Maallbro8 күн бұрын
  • Dang the color is awesome and it looks great but I guarantee it would cost a fortune for such a beautiful car

    @IrishMan-warthundr@IrishMan-warthundr9 күн бұрын
  • My grandfather used to call this model "rustang" because he lived on the california coast and you could never find one that the sea water hasnt rusted out the floor boards of. But this right here is a work of art.

    @lightdarkskin358@lightdarkskin35814 күн бұрын
  • Oh that's beautiful. I'll never be able to afford one 😢

    @masterchief2303@masterchief230312 күн бұрын
  • Yes…I too make sure to shut my glove compartment every time I get in my car

    @martimcshy@martimcshy3 күн бұрын
  • Omg that color is magnificent 😮.

    @king_chip_15@king_chip_15Ай бұрын
    • Seafoam green if I’m correct

      @mrclean1948@mrclean194829 күн бұрын
  • I loved the horn placement

    @mehrabalivlogs@mehrabalivlogs13 күн бұрын
  • Not a car It is a piece of art

    @RichyRacoon@RichyRacoon10 күн бұрын
  • Как же мне нравится Ford Mustang именно 1969 года,только чёрного цвета.Мечта.👍Спасибо за видео,пошёл мечтать дальше.

    @user-nd3uk2yj1r@user-nd3uk2yj1r17 күн бұрын
    • Kup wołgę rusku

      @Polanda96@Polanda9616 күн бұрын
    • Сказали же, что нравится именно эта модель и именно этот модельный год, еще бы Урал посоветовали или Краз

      @user-fj6tj7dv3x@user-fj6tj7dv3x16 күн бұрын
    • ⁠@@Polanda96FSR Tarpan 😂

      @ivanovvitaly5176@ivanovvitaly517613 күн бұрын
    • ​@@Polanda96Фиат 126 ты уже укатал?))

      @user-mf1qt1xh9s@user-mf1qt1xh9s11 күн бұрын
  • So much better to have one with seatbelts. Awesome car!

    @michielstam8775@michielstam87758 күн бұрын
  • I love this type air and heat still works I’ll take it

    @laquansykes1903@laquansykes190312 күн бұрын
  • I would love to drive that beauty.

    @michaelwilliams1752@michaelwilliams1752Ай бұрын
  • This is what dreams are made of

    @CodyStone-cx3js@CodyStone-cx3js6 күн бұрын
  • This car is 3 quarters of a century old and still got better features than most if today's cars 😂

    @phenomsrandoms6783@phenomsrandoms678311 күн бұрын
  • That's awesome.. even the transmission is manual. Definitely old school with no laziness involved here .!!

    @Zainab-gf4xz@Zainab-gf4xz17 күн бұрын
    • Meanwhile europeans with brand new manual cars o.o

      @PutBarny@PutBarny13 күн бұрын
    • Да вы правильно говорит.

      @user-wv3sx1bh7t@user-wv3sx1bh7t13 күн бұрын
  • This is beautiful

    @isobaramark7032@isobaramark70328 күн бұрын
  • Beautiful seriously beautiful!

    @louierivera871@louierivera87110 күн бұрын
  • Beautiful 1969 Mustang GT Fastback, and beautiful color. Thank you.

    @dougcooper4917@dougcooper4917Ай бұрын
    • thats not a fastback, isnt it?

      @SirP1337@SirP1337Ай бұрын
    • ​@@SirP1337it is the fastback one, longer b pillar than on the normal Mustang GT from the same era

      @robertseitz2407@robertseitz2407Ай бұрын
  • Elegance of beauty 😍

    @srivatskrishnamoorthy5948@srivatskrishnamoorthy594812 күн бұрын
  • This is the actual beauty and the beast

    @DragonSlayerRealThinker@DragonSlayerRealThinker10 күн бұрын
  • Gorgeous. Learned how to drive a manual trans in a 69 Mach 1. This car is to me the high school crush.

    @stursmith2246@stursmith224616 күн бұрын
  • HOLY shit that has so much more class than the new cars!

    @kipchickensout@kipchickensout12 күн бұрын
  • Now that's Soul right there

    @JesBdoinItAgain@JesBdoinItAgain11 күн бұрын
  • I don't how many times I have seen this, extraordinarily beautiful..

    @avenger4405@avenger440522 күн бұрын
  • I always knew the 69 was the beast but damn I had no idea.

    @SmossyYT@SmossyYT13 күн бұрын
  • Dang they should pay one of these videos before every car auction.

    @uberdman1883@uberdman188318 сағат бұрын
  • No words I have to describe it's beauty.

    @srinivasnaga7392@srinivasnaga739220 күн бұрын
  • absolutely gorgeous

    @bobbygarrison3122@bobbygarrison312210 күн бұрын
  • One song comes to mind seeing this remarkable stang, KICK START MY HEART- MOTLEY CREW

    @estebansalazar1520@estebansalazar15208 күн бұрын
  • Man, that colour is a beauty!!!

    @CaptainBroadSword@CaptainBroadSword26 күн бұрын
  • Que obra de arte da engenharia da década de 60 👏👏👏

    @rogeriomattos1601@rogeriomattos16018 күн бұрын