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    • How do you mix cornstarch and water it makes Oobleck

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    • He just have big bones

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  • Am I the only one who like Caleb’s science

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    • I like it too isn’t just you ❤😊

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  • why alan’s sound looks like a robot in underwater😂😂😂click here 👇

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  • Funcionó funcionó funcionó conmigo

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  • If this vid gets 50k likes or 1million views then Kat has to be nice to Alex for 58 hours

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  • 10:17 this thing is called an oobleck. Basically if you put a lot of pressure on it it turns into a solid like form. If you put light pressure it’s like liquid.

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    • It’s called non-nutonion

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    • 🤓🤓🤓

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    • non-newtonian fluid

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    • @@neviahnortey1537non-newtonian fluid*

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    • @@swipezz5 ok thanks for the correct spelling

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  • 3:54 Shawn doing pushups

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  • Honestly I would love to hear all Caleb’s scientific theories about random things

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  • 8:46 funny when he hits the car wall

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    • 11:00 #2 funny one

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    • 17:00 #3 funny

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    • 19:03 #4 funny

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    • 21:18 this part- if food is cooked, but not eated for a long time, it get harden and molden-- but Twinkie is a soft food, it's not cooked, or anything

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    • 1:25 #5 funny

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  • Let Caleb talk more have a whole video about scientific facts just for Caleb 😊

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    • Yeah

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  • I love how your frind explains science with diffent things

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  • 22:35 i like science :> im the only person who would listen to Caleb 😁

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    • Incorrect

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  • I love Caleb's scientific facts its interesting

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  • There's one myth Shawn can't go a day without those sussy air refreshers

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    • Busted

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    • Ayo watta

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    • 11:35 is half

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    • yeah, or doing anything sus🤣

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  • On myth ~94< for the straw one, you need to blow through the straw, which makes it quicker.

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  • 16:32 was the best myth for sure

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