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2024 ж. 8 Нау.
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Buy stable LED display, go to EagerLED.
EagerLED丨Leading Indoor and Outdoor LED Display Manufacturer and LED Screen Solution Provider.
What we do:
EagerLED, established in 2009, has established a good cooperative relationship with Nationstar, Novastar, LINSN, Meanwell and HUIDU and other LED display accessories brands to meet customized needs, providing high quality LED displays for indoor and outdoor, rental LED Display screens, front service LED screens, flexible LED screens, poster LED screens, transparent LED screens, indoor HD LED screens and peripheral LED screens.
EagerLED has passed CE, RoHs, FCC, UL, IS09001 certification, strict quality control and efficient company management, providing free technical support and after-sales service.
Why choose us:
✅More than 15 years of industry experience.
✅ More than 5000 m² of modern production workshop.
✅ Fast delivery time and monthly production capacity of more than 10000 m².
✅ Sold in over 90 countries worldwide.
The EagerLED team is responsible, committed, focused on listening to clients' priorities and concerns, and eager to build strategic partnerships.
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